Honeymoon Recap: Colonial Williamsburg, VA

Thursday, July 31, 2014

I'm finally getting around to sharing some more honeymoon pictures. Today is day 3 of our honeymoon where we spent the day in Colonial Williamsburg, VA. Neither one of us had been to Williamsburg before, but we were excited to check it out and learn a little history. We love little adventures, expecially when there is sightseeing involved. When visiting Colonial Williamsburg you can purchase a pass to go into all of the historic buildings, but since we were only there for about half a day (and it was rather expensive), we just opted to walk around and see what we could see. I'll let the pictures do most of the talking.

 photo IMG_2792_1_zps86db1c1d.jpg
 photo IMG_2790_1_zps09061947.jpg
 photo IMG_2793_1_zps7bdda303.jpg
 photo IMG_2794_1_zps2a4d4e5f.jpg
 photo 100_1696_1_zps808b48a9.jpg

{ I told Rick that I wanted this to be my backyard someday }

 photo 100_1709_1_zps652be81d.jpg

{ Capitol Building }

 photo IMG_2803_1_zps38f8daac.jpg

{ Governer's Palace }

 photo IMG_2800_1_zps04b0fde1.jpg
 photo IMG_2801_1_zpseedfcecb.jpg
 photo IMG_2809_1_zps193978a0.jpg

{ Rick chillin with Thomas Jefferson }

 photo IMG_2812_1_zpsed569bac.jpg

{ Me in front of the College of William & Mary }

 photo IMG_2817_1_zpsc9590a7e.jpg

{ Duke of Gloucester Street }

 photo IMG_2785_1_zpsbdac3bdf.jpg
 photo IMG_2786_1_zps88e10673.jpg

{ Lunch at The Trellis }

 photo IMG_3891_1_zps8b8a85d5.jpg

{ I had the Trellis Grilled Cheese with the Trellis Slaw. It was pretty amazing! }

 photo IMG_3892_1_zpsb88e1c3b.jpg

{ Rick had The Burger with Fries and Trellis Burger Sauce } 

 photo IMG_2819_1_zpsef2710bf.jpg

{ For dinner, our hotel recommended Berret's. They had a really nice patio with outside bar. }

 photo IMG_3893_1_zpscb09c381.jpg

{ We both had the Cajun Spice Mahi Mahi BLT with mango-peach sour cream...yum! }

Ever been to Colonial Williamsburg? I think it would be fun to go again. There are a ton of other historic sites in the area that we would love to check out as well.

Up next...Charleston, SC

In case you missed it, Day 2 was Virginia Beach

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