Bachelorette Party Recap + My Free Coach Purse Experience

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

I'm finally getting around to going through the 1,000+ wedding photos, and before I get into recapping any more from the wedding, I thought it appropriate to recap the bachelorette party.

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First things first...#OOTN. I found this really cute white sundress at Old Navy the day before and paired it with the jean jacket from our engagement shoot and a pair of strappy sandals. I also added a cute ribbon belt to finish it off a little.

My wedding hair trial appointment was actually earlier that day, and I asked her to pin it up loosely hoping that I would have fun curls for when we went out later that night, which thankfully was the case. Add to that my fun hot pink Coach purse that I scored for FREE the weekend before. I'll recap that little story at the end, because I totally lucked out.

 photo BE66F09C-02AF-4BB6-A04C-FFCF56B29615_zps7dxhyte7.jpg

Rick drove me and two of my close girlfriends downtown, and we started off with dinner at Marcella's. We enjoyed some girl talk, tasty appetizers, delish food and of course a couple of martini's and a bottle of wine.

We then headed over to the Big Bang Piano bar for a few more drinks, some shots and a whole lot of fun. They say what happens at the bachelorette party stays at the bachelorette party right? Thankfully there aren't too many incriminating pictures...

 photo 690bde3c-47f8-4e38-a2cf-9b7d9a84d19b_zps745c52e4.jpg

...just this one where they had pulled all of the brides on stage to do the "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes" song. I believe there might be a video floating around, but thankfully it hasn't surfaced yet...ha!

So back to my free Coach purse story. So in the Spring of 2013 I purchased this cute peach purse and carried it for a few months. I then put it away for Fall, and pulled it out again this Spring. I had carried it for about a month when the strap broke. I was really bummed because it was such a cute purse and had very little wear on it.

I took it into my local Coach store and they said they would send it away to try and fix free of charge. If they couldn't fix, they would contact me and said I would likely get a discount coupon towards a new purse. I was bummed because a new purse wasn't exactly in the budget with the wedding only a few months away.

I was shocked when they called me 2 weeks later to inform me I was getting a full refund for my purse. As in about $400 to spend on a new purse. I was shocked, and amazed, and extremely grateful that they were allowing me to get a new purse, even though my other purse was about a year old.

There was a slight mix-up with the store credit, and took a little time to get to me, but when it finally arrived I immediately headed to the store and found the beauty in the photo above (sadly I can't find it online anymore). The ladies at my local Coach store were so great, tracked down my lost credit, and kept in communication with me until my credit arrived. It was seriously a great customer experience.

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  1. The bachelorette looks like so much fun! Congrats on the free purse - that's awesome the in-store gals worked hard for you so you could get it!


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