Honeymoon Recap: Folly Beach and The Firefly Vodka Distillery

Thursday, August 28, 2014

I'm finally getting around to recapping the rest of our honeymoon. We spent the second half of our honeymoon in Charleston, SC. We did so much in Charleston that I'm planning on breaking it up into a couple of recaps. Today I wanted to share our day at Folly Beach and our visit to the Firefly Vodka Distillery.

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We spent the first part of the day at the beach. We walked a few miles up the beach and just enjoyed hearing the surf and walking along the ocean.

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They had a pretty cool fishing pier that had benches and places to hold your fishing pole all along the pier. There was also a prep area with a sink in case you wanted to clean your fish. I think Rick was a little jealous he didn't have his fishing pole with him.

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View of Folly Beach from the pier. The clouds were really starting to roll in at this point and a storm was abrewing.

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Fun stuff on the pier.

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Someone was flying this cute kite, and we followed it a bit to get a good picture of it. I'm sure that woman thought I was stalking her...not her, just the kite.

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The birds were a little out of control, and they totally were used to people feeding them. There were two ladies who were feeding them something and they were flying all around them. I tried to get a pic of just the birds flying around so you could see how crazy they were.

We then had lunch, which I plan to include in  my "Where we ate" post and then headed over to the Firefly Distillery.

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I absolutely love sweet tea, and love sweet tea vodka even more. So when I found out the distillery was very close to Charleston, I immediately added it to our list of places to visit.

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I think it was like around $12 each for about 6 different tastings + a souvenir shot glass. I absolutely loved the Firefly Southern Lemonade, and since you can only get it at the distillery, of course we had to bring a bottle home. There was also a Southern Accents Pecan Pie Liqueur that I loved that we also brought home a bottle of. It seriously tasted just like pecan pie.

After the tasting, we walked around the grounds for a bit.

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The Firefly Distillery shares the same grounds as the Irvin House Vineyards.

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They had a lot of farm yard animals to visit with, which was a perfect distraction for the kiddos as their parents were getting drunk off the vodka tasting. We saw this cute little bunny running around, and at first we thought maybe it got loose, but we were told the bunny was just fine.

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We also came across this funny goat, just hanging out on top of this old staircase, chillin in the sun.

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And then this rooster...Rick hated this thing. It tried to attack him as we were leaving, and followed us all the way to the car. I think he thought we were getting too close to his chickens. As I was going through my pictures to put together this post Rick saw this picture and was like..."that damn rooster!" Ha!

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  1. Glad you enjoyed Charleston and Folly Beach! Folly beach has a place in my heart as that's where I got engaged. It looked like a busy day on the beach when you were there. Next time I am in the area I will have to go to Firefly!

  2. Beautiful! I would have needed a bottle of each to take home! Love that stuff!


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