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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Happy first day of Fall ya'll! It's officially my season, and Central Ohio is celebrating by freezing us all out. I am kind of excited to pull out my comfy sweaters, boots and scarves, but I am not looking forward to Winter. We have a few fun Fall items on the agenda in the next couple of months, so very excited that Fall is officially here.

Life lately hasn't been all too exciting, but I figured there were a few things I wanted to document/share, so let's get at it.

-- Our launch at work is over, and things are slowly getting back to normal. There is a possibility that I will be extremely bored at work for the next month or so until we get closer to our next national meeting, but I'm actually looking forward to a little boredom. I'm also looking forward to cleaning out my Inbox both work and personal. It's crazy how quickly email can get out of control!

-- I'm sort of having an identity crisis lately. One of the biggest headaches after getting married is changing your name. I'm possibly halfway there, but I keep forgetting where I have already changed my name and when I call people I tend to just give them both names. I'm beginning to worry people might start thinking I'm stealing my own identity...or I'm just an idiot.

-- This year is officially turning into the year of Vet bills. We had a few more incidences these last few months.

 photo EEABB09B-C86F-4145-AD29-E99A025D6457_zpswapaomet.jpg

-- Napoleon had a lipoma on his front leg that started to bother him. When Rick took him in for his normal checkup last week they recommended we remove it and soon. I guess it had gotten to a point where if it got any bigger there wouldn't be enough skin to remove and stitch back up and would possibly need a skin graph. So we made an appointment for him to have surgery yesterday. Thank you so much for the "likes" and kind comments on Instagram and for those following me on Facebook.

 photo 9CF4CFE8-69DC-48C0-AAAA-085DC1A9123F_zps310olm31.jpg\\\

-- Surgery went great and our little guy is recovering pretty well...despite the drugged up state he was in when we picked him up last night. Poor guy :(

 photo 216DD2AC-6C02-4403-83CC-1E1057B271DC_zpsduocbqda.jpg

-- Miss Abby has had her share of vet bills lately as well. I keep telling her we are going to have to cut back on her kibbles if this keeps up. She was recently diagnosed with Cushing's Disease, which explains some of her crazy behavior...excessive drinking, weight gain, accidents on the carpet. Thankfully this disease can be maintained, but it does require routine blood work and some expensive medications. I'm just glad we are in a place where we can somewhat afford to take care of them. Oh the things we do for our furbabies.

 photo housepainting_zpsc13b570a.jpg

-- In other news, we finally got the downstairs painted!! I have been wanting to paint our downstairs living area for the last 2 years and we finally got around to it. It wasn't an easy task since we have 20+ feet ceilings. But we finally found a solution to getting them painted, with only 1 meltdown I might add :)

 photo 19D1A7C1-035E-4457-A125-28685AA8A762_zpsxsprqlpc.jpg

-- Here is a sneak peak of our progress, and some hints of the beginnings of my Fall decor. Of course I just realized it's hard to tell the color with the sunlight coming through, but if you had seen the wall before this it was really dinged up and dirty, so this is a major accomplishment. More to come I promise, just need to finish up a few touch-ups and finish painting our white trim.

I have another wedding post coming up tomorrow, and a fun review coming on Thurs. So come back again soon!

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