Not Quite First Look + Our Wedding Gifts to Each Other

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

When we were talking with our photographer about the plans for our big day, she asked us if we wanted a first look. I loved the idea of a first look, but I'm also very traditional and loved the idea of Rick seeing me come down the aisle for the first time.

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I had seen a few brides do a photo opportunity with a wall or door between the bride and groom and loved the idea.

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I feel like this allowed me to have a few minutes to connect with Rick, and help calm my nerves, before the ceremony.

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We also used this as an opportunity to exchange our wedding gifts. Our family members handed them to us while our photographers got ready to capture the moment.

 photo C32A8876_zpsf9da8a59.jpg

Rick got me the most amazing gift. He gave a Tiffany blue journal, and wrote the first journal entry in it about how excited he was for our wedding day and to finally become my husband. He later said we could use it to document our journey in life together, which I thought was so very thoughtful.

 photo DSC_0175_zps8c3e51e4.jpg

He also gave me this beautiful butterfly necklace, which I now wear all the time. I love butterflies and it is such a beautiful design.

 photo IMG_2784_1_zps11f28a28.jpg

For Rick's gift, I gave him a watch to match his wedding ring, with a note that said "Our happily-ever-after begins at 5:30" which was the time our ceremony started.

 photo DSC_0174_zps326111e9.jpg

Once he opened it he was like, "Can I put it on?" I was like of course!

 photo C32A9046_zps3e4fbd80.jpg

We had one last hand holding before he left to go downstairs and meet me at the alter.

Next week I can't wait to share our ceremony pictures, so stop back again soon!

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  1. Such sweet pictures! And I'm in love with the journal/journal entry he gave you. SO thoughtful!!

  2. that is so sweet! i love the idea of a journal, and you can't beat tiffany blue! :)

  3. This is so sweet I found myself tearing up! I absolutely love that you did this! My sister-in-law and brother did something similar, too!

    And did he think of that gift all on his own?!?! That is so incredibly sweet and thoughtful!


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