Wedding Wednesday: The Ceremony

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Today I'm very excited to share some of the pictures from our wedding cermony. We were so lucky to have not only a georgeous venue, but the day could not have been more perfect. The sun shined all day long, and although it was a little warm and muggy, we couldn't have asked for better weather.

I had started checking my app exactly 10 days before the wedding, and literally every day it said there was supposed to be rain...anywhere from 40-80% chance. Even the day before said rain. But when I woke up and checked the app, for like the 100th time, it said 0% chance of rain and I rejoyced!!

My Mom's response when I texted her a screen shot of the weather forecast was, "see I told you it would work out." We did have a backup venue, actually the church in the background of one of our portrait pictures, but luckily we didn't need it and we were able to have the ceremy in the beautiful gardens of the Schultz Mansion.

So let's get started and share some pictures of the real stars of the show...the cutest ring bearer and flower girl. I'll let the pictures do the rest of the talking :)

 photo DSC_0230_zpsa258b25a.jpg

 photo DSC_0235_zps42e3a47e.jpg

 photo DSC_0241_zps2eff5c95.jpg

 photo DSC_0259_zpsec842b78.jpg

 photo DSC_0251_zps248398a0.jpg

 photo C32A9118_2_zps6a6e2406.jpg

 photo C32A9126_zps3924a9d3.jpg

 photo DSC_0287_zps6364719e.jpg

 photo DSC_0316_zpse0facc3c.jpg

 photo DSC_1487_zpsac1a22e8.jpg

 photo DSC_0364_zpsb9d5a677.jpg

 photo DSC_0370_zps27ca9d43.jpg

So a quick little story about the exchanging of our rings. As I mentioned above, it was pretty hot and humid out, and we were both pretty nervous. And of course that can lead to your fingers swelling. So when I was trying to put on Rick's ring I had a little bit of a struggle. When I finally got it on I immediatly said, "well that's not coming off."

 photo DSC_0371_zps93300e0a.jpg

I apparently said this loud enough for some of our guests to hear and we got a few giggles out of that one. 

 photo DSC_0403_zpsa5c1f9d5.jpg

 photo DSC_1516_zpsfbe77d4b.jpg

 photo DSC_0421_zps8cb84c8a.jpg

 photo DSC_0436_zps2f1a304d.jpg

 photo DSC_0434_zps3e2ea852.jpg

Next week I'm looking forward to sharing some of our reception pictures. And tomorrow I have a really fun outfit post that I'm excited to share, so check back soon! And for more wedding fun, check out our wedding page.

All photos by Hillary Ferguson Photography.

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  1. JUST BEAUTIFUL!! I love the candid shots just as much as the smiling ones :)

  2. Oh wow! Your dress and hair were perfect! I love the simple, yet elegant, atmosphere of your ceremony. Very pretty!

  3. So lucky that the weather worked out for you! I love your dress! You're gorgeous!

  4. So very sweet! Love the photos! ! Would love you to linkup for my Wedding Wednesdai Linkup too! Lisa @ Showered With Design :: Wedding Wednesday

  5. so so so sweet!!! I LOVE the ring exchange pictures! what a great photographer to capture those moments SO perfectly!

  6. These pictures are gorgeous! I didn't realize what an intimate wedding you had. I love that idea of an intimate wedding. We had just under 100 people at our wedding, which was a great amount for us. But I do love the idea of a smaller wedding. These moments are gorgeous!

  7. Gosh these are so beautiful!!! I love the "this is never coming off" comment, too! haha awesome!


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