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Friday, October 17, 2014

Happy Friday! I always seem excited come Friday, but today I'm even more excited for 2 reasons: 

1. I'm finally getting my hair cut and highlighted. The last time I had this done was right before the wedding when I had my trial hair run. It's far overdue and I can't wait to feel like a new woman. 

2. This weekend we are going to the Pumpkin Festival!  Yep a festival all about pumpkins. You can get pumpkin chili, pumpkin sloppy joes and the most amazing pumpkin donuts. There will definitely be a recap come Monday.

Now on to a few other things that I'm excited to share...

{ ONE }

Plaid Blanket Scarf

{ 1 // 2 // 3 }

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I wanted to get a plaid blanket scarf. I did end up ordering one on Amazon, but recently came across this cute ones at of all places....Target! And only $16.99 each. If you recall these were popular last year from Zara, and I totally missed out on getting one, but that was probably for the best because they were almost $50. I ended up getting the purple and green one from Target and it is so soft. And not as large as a blanket scarf, so it's a little more comfortable to wear. The blanket scarf that I did end up getting from Amazon (similar to the one in the middle) feels like I am wearing a blanket around my neck, so not as comfortable as I had hoped. But I'll still do my best to rock it this Fall!

{ TWO }

 photo D9F812CA-164E-4AE7-B0AC-F9995BC5649A_zpsp0xf9x85.jpg

I've been working on finishing up some of my Fall decorations so I can share during next week's linkup. I have been coming across some really cute Fall printables, and the best part is...they are free! I love this "Well hello beautiful glorious fall" printable. It's hard to tell in the picture (the lighting in my kitchen is horrible), but the "hello" and the leaf look like gold leafing. You can find this print for free here.

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A few more Fall printables that I almost chose, that are all free, except the black cat one. I am going to try and recreate the Pumpkin Spice one on my chalkboard this weekend.


 photo 0D238C12-3B11-40B9-9909-11F753DB6CFC_zpsp8xr13wn.jpg

Earlier this week at work, they moved all of us Account folks around so we could be closer to our teams. Previously my cube was located in what we called the bull ring. It was a serious of cubes in the middle of the room, and there was absolutely no view of a window or sunlight. But now, I have this beautiful large window, overlooking some pretty Fall trees. And a huge mud puddle I might add, but I try and only look at the pretty leaves. There is construction next door and they are building an apartment complex, so it will be interesting to watch the progress once they get started. At least my trees are staying :)  

Also just wanted to add that I'm currently working on a little desk make-over, so I'll have to share progress once I finish getting moved in. You can see my previous work space here. Don't you just love the gray marbled walls?!? Fortunately I still have those.

{ FOUR }

I came across this healthy dessert a few weeks ago, and have been wanting to make it. I have all of the ingredients, so making it a priority to try out this weekend. I love all of the recipes from the Tone It Up girls, so I'm sure this will be amazing. And I definitely need to continue with all things pumpkin for the next couple of months while I can.

{ FIVE }

I don't have pictures yet, but I have finally taken care of getting the pups ready for Halloween. I debated on making them costumes this year, but then I came across some cute costumes that were on sale and I realized it would cost way more to make them costumes than it would be to just purchase them. 

If you are looking for costumes for your pup, Michaels has some really cute ones and they are 50% off (reg. $12.99 on sale for $6.49). I also found one at on sale as well. One thing I am finding out is pet costumes are starting to sell out fast online, so if you are looking to get something for your pup, I would recommend getting something now. is out of many of the really funny/cute ones, and (although much more expensive) shows small quantities on the ones I looked at. 

I'm so excited because this year there is a theme and I can't wait to reveal. There will be a photo shoot happening this weekend, so wish us luck everyone is on their best behavior! BTW, you can find the pups in last year's costumes here.

And for more Friday fun, check out the Five on Friday linkup hosted by ChristinaDarciApril and Natasha

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  1. IT'S GOING TO BE A HAPPY FRIDAY INDEED!! Love that you shared about the plaid blanket scarves --- another one is headed your way soon! :) :) Stop by our blogs at 8 for some exciting news!

  2. Great five today! And I had to giggle about you writing about the plaid blanket scarves because you now have another one heading your way (amongst some other fab items). And yay for your new office set-up ... a window makes ALL the difference. Congrats Jen and thanks for linking up with us! Hugs!

  3. I love the plaid scarfs! I've seen them everywhere recently and will be hitting Target soon to pick one up! Happy Friday!


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