Wedding Wednesday: Reception Part 1

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Happy Wedding Wednesday all! I have another fun wedding post to share. There were a lot of fun pictures from our reception, way too many to ever share, but some really great ones with amazing memories. So I'll probably break this into a few posts just to keep the wedding fun going a little while longer.

 photo DSC_0757_zps7959f9ee.jpg

We started out our reception by being introduced as the new Mr. and Mrs.

 photo DSC_0807_zps14b68d3f.jpg

We then moved onto some toasts about embarrassing sibling stories...thanks to my brother.

 photo DSC_0812_zpsb392be4c.jpg

Toasts about how is the perfect place for bald men to meet their future wives...thanks to Rick's best friend Jeff, who is getting married in January to a lovely lady he also met on Match.

 photo C32A9563_zps9b8ecd43.jpg

Toasts from long-time friends...thanks to my friend Lisa who has been there with me through so much over the years, and was one of my first friends to meet Rick.

 photo DSC_0824_zpsea8ed11e.jpg

To toasts about having babies...thanks Dad!

 photo C32A9571_zps561da7ae.jpg

We then went on to cutting our beautiful cake (which I will share more details on in a future post)

 photo DSC_0932_zps2754e5d3.jpg

And then on to our first dance.

 photo C32A9608_zps245d36d2.jpg

 photo C32A9607_zps55450d71.jpg

I love this photo of my nephew taking a video of our first dance. I believe he is using my Mom's phone and I haven't had a chance to check to see if there really is a video still on her phone.

 photo DSC_0959_zpsde0b3ebd.jpg

Then there was the traditional father-daughter dance...

 photo DSC_0977_zps48b1cba5.jpg

...and the mother-groom dance.

Then things started to get really fun.

 photo DSC_0982_zps6c9de333.jpg

We started with a little Single ladies.

 photo DSC_0985_zpsca9f164a.jpg

My good friend Amy, also one of my long-time friends who was a huge help with helping me find my wedding dress and attended each of my fittings, caught the bouquet. She now needs to hurry up and get engaged so I can help her find the perfect dress!

 photo DSC_0991_zpsdbec7cbc.jpg

Then came the boutonniere toss.

 photo C32A9633_zps3f2f7dae.jpg

I'll be honest I don't remember much of what happened at this point. But was extremely surprised and laughed hysterically when I realized how my nephew managed to catch the boutonniere.

 photo C32A9635_zpsbeda2337.jpg

That kid is something, let me tell you...ha!

All Photos by Hillary Ferguson Photography

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  1. Stopping over from the linkup.

    This looks like you guys had so much fun! Your photographer did a great job of capturing all the action!

  2. Yay for splitting reception posts to keep the fun going longer! The photos are so pretty (can't wait to read about that gorgeous cake, too!) and looks like a blast! :)

  3. What an awesome reception!! I just love your venue and you all look like you're having so much fun!

  4. Your reception looks like such a fun time! I love all of the pictures, they are great and really capture the moment. :)

  5. These pictures are gorgeous! I'm glad you are splitting your posts. I want more. I feel like I've missed so much, so I need to go back. But your reception was gorgeous!


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