Honeymoon Recap: Charleston Part 1

Thursday, November 13, 2014

So we are coming up on our 5 month anniversary, and I figured it was time to finish our honeymoon recaps. Today I wanted to share one of my favorite parts of the trip...our time in Charleston, SC. I have a million pictures to share, so I'm planning on breaking this up into 3 parts. Today I wanted to share some of my favorite pictures of historic Charleston.

We spent 3 days in Charleston, and stayed in the historic downtown area. Our hotel (which I'll share more about in the next post), was in the heart of it all, which was great because we could basically walk to everything. I think we walked about 22 miles during our 3 day stay, which made up for all of those delicious meals we ate (which I'll also share in my next post).

Some of my favorite parts include...

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I loved Rainbow Row. The houses were just so colorful and the flower boxes were beautiful. I decided if I was going to live here, I definitely wanted to live in a brightly colored house.

 photo IMG_3033_1_zps74fae87b.jpg

 photo IMG_3029_1_zps3e048640.jpg

 photo IMG_3012_1_zps0070abde.jpg

 photo IMG_3009_1_zps476fbf8d.jpg

Or possibly live in this brick house, which was another favorite of mine.

 photo IMG_2938_1_zps55217a83.jpg

 photo Flowerboxes_zps1989230e.jpg

I could have taken pictures of the flower boxes all day long. I actually purchased some cute coasters from the Farmers Market that were pictures of Charleston flower boxes. It's funny because the vendor that sold them to us had just moved to Charleston a few years ago from Columbus...small world!

 photo IMG_2933_1_zps74cd36bf.jpg

Our hotel was on King Street, which is where all of the shopping takes placed. We didn't actually do much shopping, but it was fun to walk up and down King Street and do a little window shopping.

 photo IMG_2921_1_zps33b362a9.jpg

Another favorite part of Charleston was the Farmer's Market on Saturday morning. I fell in love, and so wished we could take home a bunch of veggies and flowers. They had these amazing bouquets in large cans with brightly colored labels. And the most amazing hydrangeas and sunflowers.

 photo IMG_3927_zps329f3548.jpg

They also had a juice stand called The Juice Joint, that served fresh juices. I enjoyed the Strawberry Fields juice which I believe had strawberries, apples and pears in it. So good!

 photo IMG_2922_1_zpsfa5bce21.jpg

 photo IMG_3017_1_zps758cf0a7.jpg

We enjoyed a little time at the Battery, but it was getting ready to storm, so our time there was pretty short.

 photo IMG_3019_1_zps61fa031b.jpg

We really enjoyed looking at all of the cannons and thinking about all of the history in this city.

 photo IMG_2834_1_zps4dd4b4f6.jpg

I seemed to be constantly snapping pictures of different homes and telling Rick I wanted him to buy me something similar someday. You can barely see it, but this home has a blue porch ceiling which is a tradition that is supposed to give good luck and protect against evil spirits. Definitely something I would love to have as part of my home someday...in addition to this beautiful garden.

 photo IMG_2833_1_zps42ffcc77.jpg

Charleston is known as the Holy City for its many churches. This one is St Michaels Episcopal Church and it's steeple was one of my favorites.

 photo IMG_2826__zps20505215.jpg

Washington Square wasn't far from our hotel, and was a nice quiet little garden, with not much traffic. It had a George Washington Statue commemorating George Washington returing to Charleston. The statue states that in 1881, 100 years after General Cornwallis' surrendered to General Washignton at Yorktown, the city of Charleston renamed it's first public park Washington Square in honor of George Washington.

 photo IMG_2828_1_zps7ebbee6f.jpg

There is also a memorial to the Washington Light Infantry. This memorial is made of Carolina gray granite and is a miniture version of the Washington Monument in Washington, D.C. The memorial is about 42 feet high and is inscribed with the names of important millitary battles.

 photo IMG_2831_1_zpse0e49593.jpg

The entrances to Washington Square had this amazing iron work which is something that many historic cities such as Charleston and Savannah have which I love.

 photo IMG_2867_1_zps91e0a683.jpg

Rick and I spent probably an hour trying to get a good shot of the Pineapple Fountain at night. We found a great place to set my camera so it would capture a clear shot, but the minute we were ready to shoot, someone would walk up to the fountain and start playing in it, or just stand there and stare at it. But we finally got a picture sans silly people in the way.

 photo IMG_2856_1_zps08a1f6a6.jpg

We also captured a good shot of these fishing boats which were just south of the Pineapple Fountain.

 photo IMG_2845_1_zps76d568c4.jpg

I'm also pretty proud of my Arthur Ravenel Bridge night picture. Rick and I enjoyed snapping pictures and trying out different settings on my camera. After all of the craziness of the wedding planning, we realized we really missed just exploring and taking pretty pictures and both vowed we would try harder to enjoy this a little more often now that the wedding is over. We've had some success so far keeping that promise, so I call that a win.

Next up is what we ate and where we stayed.

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  1. I'm so glad you loved Charleston!!! That photo of the pineapple fountain is AWESOME and totally worth the hour of your life. Can't wait to see the rest of your recaps!


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