Our Merry Little Christmas

Monday, December 29, 2014

Happy Monday all! Can you believe the new year is almost here...3 more days y'all!

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Despite Rick coming down with an awful sinus infection over Christmas, we have had a great first Christmas as Mr & Mrs. Here's a little recap...

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We drove up to Medina on Christmas Eve to spend time with Rick's family. Here is their cute little Christmas tree, which lives outside in a planter the rest of the year, and they bring it inside each year a few days before Christmas to decorate. Such a fun idea!

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{ Rick brother-in-law and sister }

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{ Me having a little quite time with Bryn }

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{ Rick's sister and Mom }

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Rick's brother-in-law Sid's birthday was a few days earlier, so we celebrated with a homemade chocolate cheesecake that Angel made. It was sinfully delicious!

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The birthday boy! And our favorite pic of the night...he was in the middle of telling me something...ha!

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{ Rick's parents being festive along with Napoleon }

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Christmas morning we had a delicious breakfast and then opened gifts. This one is a little crazy, but I love how Bryn is just standing amongst the chaos...totally her!

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I just love this framed wedding picture from my "Secret Santa." We also got gifts from the big guy himself whom we call "Public Santa."

After wrapping up at Rick's family, we took a quick trip home to drop off the puppies and then headed to Zanesville to visit with my family.

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The kiddos were extra excited to see all of the gifts and it was very hard to keep them from trying to open them all until everyone got there. Oh to be a kid again!

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{ With my favorite niece, with her silly little smile }

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I told my brother I got this gift for Jack to drive him nuts since it makes a lot of noise. Totally something a sister would do right?!

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{ Bella showing off her fuzzy slippers }

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{ Cozy scarf from my Momma. I got matching gloves as well! }

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{ My brother and his fiance Sarah }

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For my brother's gift, I put together a couple of photo albums of pictures of him and the kiddos from the last 10 years. It was definitely a labor of love, but it was totally worth it and he just loved them!

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After all of our celebrations, we headed home to finish off Christmas with the puppies. Santa brought them a few toys and some treats.

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Bryn immediately started chewing off Santa's head...we need to work with her on that...ha!

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I was trying to get a cute festive beagle by the tree pic, but she would only pose if we had a treat, so this was the best we got.

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Same with Mr Handsome here. Will do anything for a treat!

Hope you had a merry little Christmas, got everything you wanted from Santa, and enjoyed spending time with family and friends.

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