Monday, December 15, 2014

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a great weekend! Our puppies had a pretty good weekend because they finally got to go see Santa. I have been taking Abby to see Santa for about 10 years now, and the last 2 years we have taken Bren and Napoleon along as well.

 photo 355FCDF1-07A9-4608-953B-ADE09CD73F3F_zpsjkrp5old.jpg

This year we took the pups to Petco for their picture. The Santa there didn't seem very thrilled, but we managed to get a decent picture. I just realized I don't have a digital version of the official Santa picture, but I'll be sure to share tomorrow during our Holiday tour reveal.

Speaking of previous years, here are a few pictures from previous Santa visits...

 photo 1480618_10151765821460060_2058664373_n_zps9e76046b.jpg

This one was from last year at Petsmart, and Rick and I both took about a million pictures with our phones to finally get a somewhat decent one. Napoleon looks like he doesn't trust this Santa character.

 photo 46D23A01-BA24-40EC-A961-61526283709B-5478-0000049B359231ED.jpg

This one was from 2012. Napoleon looks like he hates the world, and Bren is getting ready to lick Santa's face.

This one was from 2011, back when Abby was an only child. She looks so sweet here, but don't let her fool you, she seems to always be on the naughty list.

 photo puppiessanta_zpsb0f585ec.jpg

Also on the list of happenings this weekend, Bren and Napoleon were attempting to be festive this weekend and get everyone in the holiday spirit. Not sure how Abby got out of this, but there are still plenty of days left until Christmas for her to get in the holiday spirit.

 photo E6E61427-1D73-4AEC-8C60-6165119B9892_zpsazlzcsit.jpg

We also met up with my brother and the kiddos to see the Wildlights at the Columbus Zoo. I have a full post coming later this week with more pictures from my digital camera.

And as I mentioned earlier, tomorrow I'm hoping to share our Holiday Home Tour, and also later this week is our big Christmas Card reveal. So stop back soon for more Christmas fun!

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  1. Love the Santa pictures! So stinkin' cute! One of my dogs would try to bite Santa and the other would be his best friend!


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