January Subscription Boxes - Rocksbox & Julep

Monday, January 19, 2015

Happy Monday!

Today I wanted to share 2 subscription boxes that I received this month.The first one is Rocksbox which is a premium jewelry subscription box and the second is Julep which is a nail/beauty subscription box.

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At the end of December I came across a deal where I could try out the Rocksbox subscription for $9 for one month. I kept seeing different bloggers and Instagramers posting pictures of amazing jewelry with hashtag #rocksbox, and I was interested in seeing what this was all about.

Basically you pay a monthly fee and they send you 3 pieces of jewelry worth almost $250 total, and you can wear it on loan as much as you want. You then return the jewelry with the pre-paid shipping label, and they send you a new set of jewelry to wear. You can trade out your jewelry as much as you want to during the month, and the fee is $19 a month. It's kind of like Netflix for jewelry.

I'm not sure if this was a first time gift or not, but my box included this cute "shine" necklace as a thank you gift. Such a nice surprise.

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My first box included these 3 pieces of jewelry. The Perry Street Abby Necklace in Black Crystal, the Charlene K Double Gemstone Earrings in Onyx and the Gorjana Teagun Cuff.

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A few other things to note, when you sign up you fill out a style survey so your stylist knows what types of jewelry you like. I love statement necklaces, dangly earrings and chunky bangles, which is exactly what I got in my first box.

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You can also browse the available jewelry online and indicate what interests you on your Wishlist. The necklace was one of the items I had added to my wishlist. There is also a way to tag the jewelry that Rocksbox posts on their Instagram account for your wishlist, but I haven't figured that one out yet. I see lots of people commenting #wishlist, but not sure how, or if, it links to your account.

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I loved the necklace and the earrings, but the bracelet wasn't my favorite. I'm not a huge gold lover, and it felt a little too lose on me. But I loved wearing the necklace and earrings and wore them a couple of times.

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I wore all 3 pieces to a wedding we went to over the weekend...

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...and also to the wedding that we went to in Puerto Rico.

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The second box I received was the Julep box. Julep is known for their high-end nail polish. It's really thick and goes on really smooth. I sometimes can get away with only one coat of this polish and it tends to stay on my nails pretty well. Usually you get 1 or 2 nail polishes and then either a beauty product or another type of nail product like a quick dry. This month I received the Sandi nail polish, Gel Eye Glider in Navy Smoke and Luxe Lip Treatment in Sheer Fig. Oh and they always include something fun like the Junior Mints. One time I got a pixie stick, which I hadn't had in for-ev-er!

 photo nails_zpsfeb6bc7c.jpg

I loved this nail color. It's hard to tell in the pictures, but it's like a deep eggplant color. I also really love the gel eyeliner. It goes on super smooth and the color is really rich and lasts all day long. I wasn't sure about the navy color, but it's a really deep navy and looks almost like a slate color. I like wearing it with a brown eye shadow and it helps to bring out the blue in my eyes. I also really like the color of the lip gloss, but think it tastes a little funny. And it's really sticky, so not great for a windy day. In the pics above, I'm wearing both the nail polish and the lip gloss.

Over all a good month for subscription boxes. I'm going to possibly try the Rocksbox subscription at least 1 more month to see what I get next. For the Julep box you can preview what comes in your box each month, and can switch out things if you choose to, or you can skip. I usually like to preview the box and see what I think. We are really trying to save some money, so I may hold off a few more months on this one, unless I really see something I love.

What subscription boxes do you love?

*Please note I was not compensated at all for either of these subscription boxes.

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