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Friday, February 27, 2015

Happy Friday!

Hope everyone is staying warm and surviving all of the snow. Speaking of cold weather and snow...I am so ready to breakup with Winter..who's with me? I'm also so very ready to breakup with my Winter wardrobe and can't wait to start wearing some of the cute Spring fashions everyone is posting about. BUT, Winter is here to stay in Ohio for at least another month, and it's still likely we will have some cold weather into April. So I've been searching on Pinterest to find some cute outfit inspiration that will keep me warm, but feels a little Springier (yes that is a word I looked it up :) ).

 photo outfits_zpsw8hh1o25.jpg

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5

Yes pink is a big theme here, and seems to be a big trend in many of the wardrobes I've come across lately. My goal is to wear more fitted layers for warmth, and then add a pop of color through jewelry, a scarf, or a cute vest or cardigan to brighten things up. Pink, teal or bright yellow are perfect colors this time of year and will hopefully give Mother Nature a hint to bring on Spring.

I'm actually planning on recreating some of these outfits, as well as a few other outfits I've found on Pinterest. I found this really cute reversable pink vest at Kohls, and have found a few cute ways to wear it on Pinterest as well. I'm hoping to share next week, so stay tuned!

What are you wearing lately? What colors are you excited to wear for Spring?

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  1. The pink + pattern makes me so happy!! I love that puffy vest and especially those polka dots :)

  2. LOVE that bottom left picture! But, I basically live in horizontal stripes! We're incredibly lucky that we got stationed in CA, so I've been able to wear all my spring and summer clothes most of the winter here. They were in hibernation while we lived in WA, so I feel like I've got a whole new wardrobe again!


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