Friday Favorites: Valentine's Edition

Friday, February 6, 2015

Happy Friday!

I've loved looking at everyone's Valentine's Gift Guides. We likley won't be exchanging gifts this year (or at least anything big) since we are in no-spend 2015. But I wanted to share a few Valentiny things that I am currently loving or would love to add to my Wish List.

Valentine's Favorites

1. Pretty jewels - Loving these Kate Spade heart earrings and these Kendra Scott Sky Earrings on Rose Quartz. And I keep seeing this Kendra Scott Rayne Necklace popping up all over the place. I am definitly adding this magenta one to my wish list.

2. I love how this heart sweater is kind of festive, but doesn't scream Valentine's Day and you could wear it all season long. Plus it looks extra cozy and warm, which is a plus around here with the single digits. (PS and it's on sale for $22, but only M and L sizes).

3. I got these 3 nail polishes in my February Julep Maven Box (here, here and here) and I'm looking for some cute festive nail ideas for Valentine's Day? I love this idea of a heart accent nail, and might try it with the red and the gold glitter polish. Any other ideas of how I can use this polish?

4. I came across this book through Lemonade Makin Mama's blog. She was having some sort of co-promotion with the author. It's a cute book, very similar story to the movie "You Got Mail" which was one of my favorite movies. Basically it's about this single woman, who lives in a town that celebrates love year round. She gets scorned for still being single and in her 30's and for focusing all of her time on her little book store business...The Book Nook. A new landlord takes over her builidng and threatens to kick-her out of the building and after she gets over feeling devestated she starts to figure out how to save her business. That's about as far as I have gotten in this book, but I'm foreseeing a romance budding along. I'll be sure to share a full recap later, along with some other books I've read.

5. Last but not least, who doesn't love dog valentines? I am particular to the beagle card that says "I'm just howlin' for you" but the basset hound card is pretty cute also.

What are you loving for Valentine's Day lately? I'm working up some favorite dessert ideas for next week so check back then!

And for more Friday fun, check out the Five on Friday linkup hosted by ChristinaDarciApril and Natasha.

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  1. BASSET HOUND VALENTINES!!!!!!! I must have them immediately.

    I also meant to comment on your Wedding Wednesday post but I was lost in a haze of sickness yesterday, blargh. I had two dresses too and I have to confess, I liked my second dress better than my first. Part of me wishes that I had worn just it but my first dress was the traditional, church-friendly dress. The second one was my vavavavoom dress that I picked up for only $60 two months before my wedding at a formal dress store that was going out of business. It worked out very well, our reception was in an inn and there would have been no way to navigate around the antiques in my voluminous first dress.

    Have a great weekend, Jen!

  2. Omg that heart sweater, I need it like yesterday!! I am going to check that one out right now :) I also love that nail polish combo :)

  3. Love those Kate Spade earrings! And dog sweet!


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