Puerto Rico Recap Part 1: Castillo San Felipe del Morro

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Happy Hump day! I'm finally getting around to sharing some of our Puerto Rico pictures. I took a ton of pictures, so I'll likely be sharing a few posts over the next couple of weeks. I figured maybe a little warm weather pictures might help us all during this frigid month of February.

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One of the days we were there we took a cab into Old San Juan and visited the Castillo San Felip del Morro. This is a 16th century fort named in honor of King Phillip II of Spain. This fort was designed to guard the entrance to the San Juan Bay to defend the Spanish colonial port city of San Juan from ships coming in from sea. There is also a smaller fort known as El Canuelo which was also used as defense of the bay, but we didn't have time to go through that fort.

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Just a few of the great group of friends who travelled to Puerto Rico for Jeff and Sharlene's wedding. These are some amazing people let me tell you!

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This is the area where the cannons were set up. These are the tracks for the cannons.

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This was one of the living/kitchen areas. I had Rick stand in front of it so you could how tall it is.

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I'll share more of Old San Juan in the next day or so, so make sure to come back!

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  1. What a fantastic trip!! I can't wait to keep reading your recaps. I've always wanted to go to Puerto Rico!!


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