Puerto Rico Recap Part 2: Old San Juan

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Today I'm back to recapping our trip to Puerto Rico back in January. Last week I shared our trip to Castillo San Felipe dell Marro. That same day we walked around Old San Juan and just checked things out. There were so many fun things to see, so this post may get a little picture heavy :)

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I loved all of the colorful buildings. Too bad the streets were lined with cars or else it would have made for some fantastic pictures!

 photo IMG_3992_1_zps8970648b.jpg

 photo IMG_3995_1_zps5211c7fe.jpg

I loved this peach and green one!

 photo IMG_3988_1_zps91ae3a28.jpg

I also loved the blue brick streets. I recently found out these bricks are made from beautiful blue stones called adoquine. They are blue stone cast from furnace slag which was brought over as part of the ballast for Spain's sugar-carrying ships to provide stability to the ships. Due to age and moisture, the pavers have turned more blue over time.

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Old San Juan has some beautiful churches as well. This one is Iglesia de San Juan and I just loved the architecture.

 photo IMG_3994_1_zps101737aa.jpg

This one is the Cathedral of San Juan Bautista. Its one of the oldest buildings in San Juan and the second oldest cathedral in the Americas. As you can see by the sky, it was getting ready to storm, so we headed inside to take a look and wait out the rain. I told Rick this was probably God's way of saying we needed to get our bums to church! Mission completed :)

 photo IMG_3997_1_zps8a1ac7b1.jpg

It was beautiful inside, so many intricate details.

 photo IMG_3998_1_zps94b5d760.jpg

This was also this lovely nativity scene inside.

 photo IMG_3999_1_zps833971c5.jpg

The church also is the home of the tomb of Juan Ponce de Leon. 

 photo IMG_4000_1_zpse53502b6.jpg

 photo IMG_4001_1_zpsad0b2475.jpg

Some more colorful buildings. We found a place right along this road that Rick and I decided we should buy as our fixer upper. It was completely gutted, so it was definitely a fixer upper.

 photo IMG_4003_1_zps9c011702.jpg

There were lots of unique fountains throughout Old San Juan. We thought this one looked like a pineaple on top and reminded us of our trip to Charleston, SC.

 photo IMG_4007_1_zpse4242111.jpg

This is one of the stone walls that connects to the fort that we visited earlier in the day.

 photo IMG_4008_1_zps1526285a.jpg

 photo IMG_4009_1_zpsdaa1b11b.jpg

There were cats all over Old San Juan, and we actually found a book all about the Cobblestone Cats of Old San Juan that our friend Andy almost bought...he loves cats! I told him we could make our own book for him of all of the cats we saw along the way. This one was pretty, be he definitely didn't want his picture taken.

 photo IMG_4012_1_zps458d934a.jpg

We also came across this pelican who was just chilling along the water.

 photo IMG_4013_1_zpsb9bd014f.jpg

 photo IMG_4019_1_zpse72ad60a.jpg

This is the Raices Fountain. The Raices, or "Roots" Fountain was commissioned to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the discovery of America and to celebrate Puerto Rican culture. It consists of a group of sculptures which symbolizes the roots that gave birth to Puerto Rico's cultural heritage.

 photo IMG_4018_1_zpscb68b9e6.jpg

 photo IMG_4020_1_zps19183f05.jpg

 photo IMG_4022_1_zpsba9137e1.jpg

I loved seeing all of the Christmas decorations in the trees.

 photo IMG_4023_1_zps9a94fe36.jpg

The 3 Kings holiday was the day before we arrived, and there were a ton of decorations around the town celebrating the 3 Kings. It was kind of a bummer we missed all of the celebrations, but still fun to see all of the decorations.

 photo IMG_4024_1_zps75a1aa57.jpg

While we were there we stopped into the Old Harbor Brewer, which was the only microbrewery on the island. We didn't eat anything, but we enjoyed a cold beer and some relaxing time in the air conditioning before we headed back out to find a cab to take us back to the hotel.

There was so much to see, and we were only there for a few hours. I would love to go back and explore some more. There were so many beautiful buildings I could have explored and taken pictures all day long.

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  1. Alright, you got me at cats - I'm there!! I need to go visit :) Those homes remind me of an even more vibrant Charleston Rainbow Row - absolutely beautiful! What a fun vacation.

  2. Amazing!!! so beautiful! I love the colored buildings too!


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