Wedding Wednesday: DIY Chalk Board Signs

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Chalkboards are a big trend right now. I've seen them as signage for many types of parties...birthdays, baby showers and weddings to name a few. Chalkboards were a big theme in our wedding and I had various ones set up through our reception hall...

 photo C32A8783_zps3da36153.jpg

Today I wanted to share how easy it is to create chalk board artwork. Let me first be honest and say that I can't draw a stick figure to save my life. And my handwriting is HORRIBLE. But I made all of these chalk board signs, and you can too in a few simple steps. I'm sharing all my secrets today folks!!

What you need:
-- Inspiration (I got all of my ideas from Pinterest and I have linked the caption under each picture to show you where)
-- Chalk - regular and a chalkboard pen
-- Pen or pencil (make sure the tip is somewhat sharp)
-- Chalk board


 photo 16A22332-882C-45E2-ADF1-F8771EA38A3B_zpspvp9gs6o.jpg

1. First gather your supplies and your inspiration. You will need to print it to the size you want to recreate. Don't worry if it gets fuzzy when you blow it up. You just need to use it as an outline.

 photo BE746373-5076-4476-ADED-BAFD9BC090FB_zpslgztq994.jpg

 2. Turn your picture over and take your piece of regular chalk and just start coloring in the backside where your graphic is. You only need to apply chalk where the image is, so don't worry about getting it all they way to the edges. Color it in really well because you are essentially making transfer paper.

 photo 2F4A4597-B5C6-4CD1-A43A-649E5931B090_zpsgtyds7xo.jpg

3. Then turn your page over and place the image on your chalk board where you want it to go. Take a pen or pencil and trace the outline of your image/letters. This is transferring the image onto your chalk board so you can use that as a guide to draw out your image/letters.

 photo F7ECA827-BBA2-443C-AB0F-FA969279E0DC_zpsiquayayy.jpg

4. Once all of your outlines are made, carefully lift your paper, and blow any excess chalk off of your chalk board. You will see a faint outline of your image/letters. If the entire image didn't transfer you may need to redo it again, or try and freehand the parts that are missing (which sometimes isn't too hard to do, depending on your image/letters).

5. Trace over the faint outline with either your chalk or your chalk pen. I think the chalk pen looks nicer and lasts a little longer (it's harder to rub off if your sign gets brushed up against). Color in certain areas, leave some as outlines, add polka dots or lines to add interest. And then display your artwork!

 photo IMG_2773_zps27b6db7f.jpg

{ Sign at Reception -- this was from the proof from our Wedding Stamp }

One thing to note, chalk pens are sometimes hard to remove from chalk boards made with chalk paint vs pre-made chalk boards. I heard that you can prep the surface by scribbling chalk over the chalk paint first, and then taking a paper towel and cleaning it off. This puts a little bit of chalk dust on the paint so that the chalk pen will be easier to remove. I always have to use a wet paper towel to remove any chalk when using a chalk pen. Just test an area before you go to town with a chalk pen to ensure you know what you are getting into.

Here are some of the other chalk boards I created for our wedding.

 photo DSC_9786_zps13d1af01.jpg

 photo DSC_9783_zps4ac16540.jpg

 photo 10475470_10204011945156643_3629403700947948862_n_zps4f7ea06c.jpg

 photo IMG_2723_1_zps7709af30.jpg

 photo DSCF9390_1_zps38569cfe.jpg

So what do you think? Do you think you can create your own chalkboard artwork?

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  1. Great tutorial! I so wish I had this before I started free handing all of my table numbers!

  2. This is a great tutorial! I am going to be doing chalkboards for my wedding, and this will make it much easier! Thanks for linking-upwith us!

  3. These are great!! I used little chalkboards from Michael's and chalkboard pens for tons of different signs at our wedding. I love your idea for the stenciling! Thanks for linking up with us this week.

  4. Omgosh! So cute! We did chalkboard signs at our wedding, but I didn't dare do them myself! I wish I had known about this beforehand! Great tutorial!!

  5. This is fantastic! I will totally be referencing this tutorial when it comes time to make some signs for our wedding :) What a great idea!

  6. Great tutorial! I am so using this!


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