Wedding Wednesday: The Other Dress

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

As I was thinking about the last of the wedding posts I wanted to share, I realized I never shared my 2nd wedding dress. It's funny to call it "The Other Dress" because I feel like I'm kind of cheating on my beautiful wedding dress.

 photo TheOtherDress_zps18ac613c.jpg

I LOVED my wedding dress. It was something I wish I could wear over and over again. But, I knew that after the reception a group of us were going to go out to a bar, and I refused to wear my pretty dress and my sassy Kate Spade heels into a bar in Zanesville. Not that I'm disrespecting my hometown or anything, but the bars in Zanesville are not like the bars in the bigger cities. These bars are all about beer and cornhole. Fun, but not a great place to wear a big ballgown to.

 photo 10478353_10204011962877086_4330844638231746948_n_zps6177d9a9.jpg

So I searched all over for a cute, lacy white dress that didn't cost a fortune in case I decided I didn't want to change. I found this cute dress on by INC International Concepts and it was under $50. When it arrived I felt it needed a little sparkle, so I found a cute belt at Michaels and had my Mom sew it on so it would stay in place.

 photo DSC_1080_zpsaa04cb2e.jpg

I also ordered these cute sparkly silver flip flops by Rampage (also from, but they are no longer available on that site) and they were less than $20. I knew I wanted some cute flats to wear but wanted something a little more special than just typical flip flops and I loved the silver glitter accent. I basically changed into these right after our pictures and right before we walked into the reception.

 photo DSC_1101_zps9fcfd1d7.jpg

I ended up changing into my 2nd dress about 45 mins before the reception was over. Our reception was in an old Carriage House on the property and although it did have air conditioning, I don't think it was able to keep up with the amount of people in the building and it got really hot. I was getting so uncomfortable in my dress, so I was very glad I had a backup option to change into right at the end. I was really sad to take off my wedding dress, but in the end I was grateful to have something a little easier to move around in as we were finishing up things, packing up and leaving.

What I love best about my 2nd dress is that I can wear it again. I would love to wear it on our 1st anniversary if we decide to go out and celebrate. Maybe that can become our yearly tradition.

Did you have a 2nd dress to change into?

My dress is no longer available online, but I found a couple of options here, here and here,

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  1. Love the idea of a second dress (especially a short party one!) I stayed in my long dress the entire time, but if our wedding had been in the summer, you can bet flip flops and a short dress would have made an appearance.

  2. I love that dress! I am looking for a "2nd dress" now and can't seem to find one I like within my price range. Your dress is almost exactly what I am looking for though and so much less than I have been finding. Looks like you had so much fun!

    Thanks for linking up with us!

  3. I love this idea for a second dress! The lace is so pretty and I love the little extra sparkle you added. After our reception, we went back to the hotel where we were staying and hung out in the bar, so I totally stayed in my dress all night ;) (and got a few extra stains lol). Thanks for linking up with us this week!

  4. I wish I did the second dress thing! By the end of the night my dress was so dirty and ripped and hot....
    Beardy Heart Beauty

  5. LOVE this idea! And love your idea of wearing it on your anniversary, perfect!

  6. What a great idea! I think having a second dress for all the after wedding activities is so smart! Your second dress was beautiful!!

  7. I'm not going to have a second dress but I think your dress is perfect for you! It looks so good and was probably much better for a fun night at the bar! :)


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