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Friday, March 13, 2015

Happy Friday! Wow what a week! Ever have one of those weeks where you are stuck in a funk and just can't figure out why? Like you have butterfingers all week long and seem to drop everything you touch? Or maybe your week starts out by your work account accidentally getting deleted and you get locked out of your computer, email, and all company servers for an entire day? Oh and it also causes your calendar, email and personal and professional contacts to get erased from your iPhone?

Well that was my week. Not sure what black cloud was following me, but luckily my work account, along with my emails and contacts were restored. It happend to about 1,200 employees in my company over the last 2 weeks so it wasn't just me, but that happening on Monday just seemed to throw me off all week long.

But on the bright side it is finally Friday and I have a few fun things to share that made me smile this week. To me it's the little things that make me happy and today I wanted to share a few of these...

{ ONE }

I was at the mall earlier this week getting my rings checked and cleaned. As I was getting ready to leave I walked by the Sears store and realized they had a Lands End pop-up shop inside. I think I probably knew this, but it didn't really dawn on me until this week. There is a trench coat that I'm really interested in getting that I saw online, but I just wasn't sure about fit, so I thought I would stop in and see if they had one for me to try on. They didn't, but I came across this super cute light-weight down jacket that was on clearance and then 40% off the clearance prices. I got it for $30 including tax and thought this would be perfect to get me through the next month or so while I wait for the trench coat to go on sale. Plus it's still kind of chilly here, especially in the mornings, so really this is a much better option for now.

 photo FA2B7714-5767-453E-A81C-2FB488E95E1A_zpsa44egiwn.jpg

I got the XS size, and it's a little big on me (Lands End sizes seem to run really big), but it's actually perfect if I wear a chunky sweater. What I love most is that it matches my new pink shoes and my Coach phone case (which is super old but I still love it!), and my pink Coach purse. You could say I'm loving all things pink lately!

{ TWO }

 photo FB415A4A-1D40-49A7-9254-9AC60CD6F099_zpsujrfbl53.jpg

Speaking of my new pink shoes, I got this $20 off postcard in the mail from DSW, and the picture on the front was of these shoes. I kept looking at the postcard thinking I NEED these shoes. So I tracked them down and got them on Monday, because one could use a little retail therapy after being locked out of their computer, emails, and contacts All. Day. Long.

 photo 6196539F-9FCE-440B-9462-59697EFC01B1_zpsdf9ygsa7.jpg

Yesterday I paired them with my orange and pink stripped sweater and camo vest and they matched perfectly. I told Rick this is how real girls wear camo...with pink and sparkles. He just laughed and then promised to take a picture later that day.


 photo ECEA1DB5-1FB1-4A35-A84D-96FEBB7074F2_zpsh0f4jb1h.jpg

I am proud to announce that today marks 3 weeks of me working out every day. That's 21 days (22 as of this morning!) of workouts under my belt. For the last 2 weeks I have actually gotten up at 6:30 am every morning before work and completed my workout. For a person who worked out maybe 1-2 days a week before, that is an accomplishment. I'll admit the only reason why I get out of bed is because I know that I get to drink my chocolate Shakeology shake once I'm done. I mean who would turn down a chocolate shake in the morning (they have strawberry and vanilla too!)? I actually used this to convince myself to get out of bed a few times this week. This time change has been rough! And my favorite recipe so far is:

-- 1 scoop vegan chocolate Shakeology
-- 1 cup of almond milk
-- 1/2 cup of frozen blueberries
-- Handful of ice

This seriously tastes just like the Brookside Chocolate Covered Acai Berries which are my most favorite treat in the whole wild world. I've also enjoyed mixing 1 cup of coffee and 1/2 a banana with my shakes which is pretty tasty too. Or just adding 1 cup of coffee with ice tastes just like a frozen mocha at Starbucks...but full of good healthy stuff and lots of protein! I'll admit I do miss my Strabucks just a little :)

{ FOUR }

 photo D3A5274F-8CFF-4C21-B631-5DE7698D7DDB_zpsvhcwurhk.jpg

I've been enjoying my 4th Rocksbox (use code jenniferbff141 to get 1 month free!) these last 2 weeks. I LOVED the earrings, which were on my wish list, but I was bummed because they are kind of heavy and by the end of the work day I have to take them off for fear my earlobes are going to rip off. I also love the bracelet and am debating on keeping it since I have worn it almost every day. I liked the necklace and wore it one day, but I just didn't feel like it went with the earrings and I ended up wearing them more. Oh and the leopard clutch is a DIY project that I can't wait to share in the next week or so, so stay tuned!

{ FIVE }

 photo F96061B4-9E52-4F93-AD5C-013F87F3AE6B_zpswp4uervn.jpg

Last Saturday was our 3 year dating anniversary. Rick surprised me with this box of chocolates and my favorite Sparkling Almond wine from Cooper's Hawk. Let's just say these were amazing and I was super sad when they were gone. But super happy that I married such an amazing guy.

What are you loving this week?

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  1. I love those shoes! So perfect to transition into spring!


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