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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

I HEART decorating, and I've always got 100 ideas running through my head at once. One of my dream jobs would be to be an interior designer (party planner is 2nd), and creating a cozy and stylish home is something I'm always striving to do. There are a few projects currently on my wish list that I wanted to share, and hopefully this will help me get my bum in gear and get them done!

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First up is our entry way. It's a small area, and just 2 simple projects (to me, maybe not to Rick) to make complete. The first project is to install board and batten. I've found a few DIY tutorials on Pinterest (like this one here) and it doesn't seem too complicated or expensive. Rick needs a few tools, but we are going to see what all he can get complete with what he has. He may get a tool out of it though in order to bribe him to get it done.

The second is to update the light fixture. Right now we have a gold boob light in our entryway. I had no idea they were also known as boob lights until I came across it on a blog (can't remember where though), and now I can't stop thinking about the 3 boob lights in our house. There are plans to replace all 3, but for now I want to focus on the entry way. I'm still debating on which fixtures to use for the other two. They are both in the stairways and not really focal points, so I may find something inexpensive, yet still less boob-like. (And now that I have included the word boob 4 (now 5) times in my post, let's see what kind of traffic I get...ha!)

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The second area I want to focus on is the dining room. I would love to get a sideboard to hold some of my dishes and table linens and I love this idea with the shelving that I came across on Pinterest.

On my wish list is the Garner Sideboard which matches our dining room table and chairs. It's currently out of stock, but the website says it should be back in stock in May. So you know I'll be stalking World Market's website for the day it's finally available.

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Next to the dining room is the kitchen, and I really want to add a tile back splash to that same wall. I am loving this gray subway tile. I haven't found anything like this in a store yet, so I'm going to have to do a little research on where I can find something like this. Any ideas?

The third area I want to focus on is our guest bedroom. Right now I have my old kitchen table serving as a desk/craft table. I'm just not using it like I thought, and it's taking up a ton of space. I would like to find a slimmer desk, similar to the one Holly shared on her blog, that would fit better in the space. Also, if we ever turn that room into a nursery the desk will have to go somewhere else, so a smaller desk is more likely to fit somewhere else in our home. I have a few other ideas that I want to work on as well for that room that can also be repurposed into a nursery should that time come sometime in the next year or two.

So that's it! Well at the moment. I'll be sure to update as soon as I have any progress. I have a few furniture pieces I need to see first (just listed on Craigslist so wish me luck), to make room in the dining room and the guest bedroom. And everything else just takes a little more time to convince Rick to help me out with my projects. He likes to remind me that DIY means "Do It Yourself" not "Do It Rick". Funny guy right?!?

So what's on your Home DIY List?

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  1. Girl, you and me both! I'd love to decorate and party plan for a living! I love that gray back splash! I'm gonna need some soon for our kitchen.


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