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Friday, April 3, 2015

Happy Friday! Not only am I excited that it's Friday, I'm very excited that it's Easter weekend. Easter Sunday is one of my favorite church services. It's a great day to celebrate and what I love most is how beautiful my Mom's church is decorated with all of the pretty flowers (and it smells amazing!). So let's started with all of the celebrating by sharing some Friday favorites...

{ ONE }

You know how much I love taking photos, and how obsessed I am with Instagram. So when I came across this April Instagram Challenge hosted by Helen in Between, I just had to participate. I was a day late to the party, but made up for it by sharing day 1 and day 2 photos yesterday. I'm still thinking about my "Coffee Break" this afternoon and if I'm going to need to make a Starbucks run, or do something a little more unique. We shall see ya'all!

{ TWO }

 photo 2DD83154-B074-42BD-BB60-78C453057CD8_zpsut5zpzax.jpg

Sarah shared this shirt a few weeks ago, and I immediatly had to order it. It goes great with my latest Rocksbox bling. After a week like this week, I fully understand the need to "Shake it off!" I may just be wearing this today, along with...


 photo A8EA7437-5B42-45F7-91A5-8B3908E9A0E8_zpslkuoztde.jpg

I shared some of my chambray loves a few weeks ago, and was super excited when my chambray Tom's arrived. They are definitly going to be a staple in my Summer wardrobe this year.

{ FOUR } 

 photo SpringWreath_zps59a6f5fa.jpg

Yesterday I finally took the Christmas wreath down and got out my Spring wreath. I made this about 2 years ago, and it still looks great. It was a pretty easy DIY, so I thought I would share in case anyone is looking for a fun project to dress up your front door.

{ FIVE }

 photo 4B2ABAE5-00BA-4E7C-913C-B2FA96869839_zpssk6pjmcj.jpg

Ok ya'll, still looking for some advice on my 2 Easter dress options. I'm leaning towards the scallop one as it's more dressy, but the other option is a lot of fun too. Such big decisions to make over here at Life, Love & Puppy Paws :)

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  1. I used to have those chambray Toms until I wore them out! You will love them. I also was going to wear my scalloped dress to Easter services, but our choir is singing and our service is in our gym which means we are on the stage. No one can wear short dresses unless we want to flash the congregation and I would rather not do that! Happy Easter!!


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