#TBT - That Time My Husband Was A Model (AKA Photo Shoot Outakes)

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Since today is Throwback Thursday, I thought I would take us back a few weeks and share some photo shoot out-takes (aka the time my husband was a model). So the back story here is my brother's fiance's daughter is a senior in high school, and she was in need of some senior pictures for the yearbook. I'm always recruiting my friends and family so I can practice my photography skills on them, so I figured why not attempt to take some senior pictures. Best case we get some great pictures. Worst case we spend a beautiful day outdoors wandering around German Village. We were all getting cabin fever, so it was great to finally be able to spend an afternoon outdoors.

One of the many areas I need to work on is giving people direction on how to stand/pose. I'm not good at posing myself for pictures (as seen in my many fashion post attempts), so I was struggling to think of different ways for her to stand. So I asked Rick to provide some direction on how to pose against this brick wall...

 photo IMG_4538_1_zps32j3npcb.jpg

...and this is how it's done.

 photo IMG_4565_1_zpss71lmebi.jpg

Here he is showing off my pretty purple camera bag, which I made the poor guy carry all around town. He was like, this looks like I'm carrying a purse...ha! #ownit

 photo IMG_4567_1_zpsefhjs9ur.jpg

My brother and Jack had to get in on the action too and show us how it's done.

 photo IMG_4574_1_zpsggfmcfzn.jpg

A really cute out-take I captured was this shot of Izzie sneaking a peak on Katie. My brother and I both agreed it looks like she is looking up to her future big sister.

 photo IMG_4519_1_zpspj2gd6oj.jpg

Of course the kiddos just had to get in on the action too...so here is Jack being all GQ.

 photo IMG_4521_1_zpsevnjvyw6.jpg

And Izzie being all sassy in her headband and boots. I believe she had a little makeup on for the occasion. Girl loves her makeup and accessories!

 photo IMG_4589_1_zps1mxmxfva.jpg

I probably took over 100 pictures that day, but here are a few of my favorite shots.

 photo IMG_4515_1_zpsqtxbi4ju.jpg

There was still snow on the ground and I felt so bad that she was wearing such cute heels and having to walk through the snow. She was a trooper though.

 photo IMG_4536_1_zpszzmbxrnq.jpg

 photo IMG_4580_1_zps15tt1dnx.jpg

 photo Signature_zpscc87bf0f.jpg

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