The Gym & I Broke Up (After 16 Years)

Monday, April 13, 2015

Happy Monday! Today I wanted to share a fitness update. A few weeks ago I made a huge decision to end my 16 year gym membership. Note this 16 years included 3 different gyms, but it still felt like the end of a really long relationship and I was kind of sad about it. I also felt like I would immediately gain like a million pounds now that my $35 membership fee was no longer going to be taken out of my checking account, even though I hadn't stepped foot in the place in the last 3 months.

So why did I do it? Because I've had far more success in my new home!

 photo 3FED651B-C164-4DD6-A693-0AFC620FFDD4_zps5osnbog0.png

**Edited to add: Those are 6 lb and 8 lb weights. I've already retired the 6 lb weights and noticed the 8 lb weights were getting really light for me this morning. Someone's going to need some new weights soon!

Seven weeks ago I started working out at home with the 21 Day Fix and have worked out every single day for 30 mins. When I was going to the gym I was lucky to make it there 2 days a week, and there were many months when I didn't go at all. I also wasn't seeing any results going to the gym primarily because I wasn't being consistent enough, and really wasn't fully motivated when I was there. After the first 4 weeks of working out at home I lost a total of 8 inches, and now at 7 weeks I'm starting to see some muscle tone. Rick told me the other day he can really start to see some definition in my calves, which I guess means it's working. I think it's great when your significant other notices a change because it's hard to see the change in someone when you see them every day.

 photo D8D07F46-6258-4A12-9A3C-C9CB40EC19A9_zps2b2d0cjm.jpg

Here's my beauty shot on day 1 of the 21 Day Fix. I typically get up around 6:30 in the morning and workout in our living room. I set up my laptop, drag out my hand weights, and press play. The workouts are only 30 mins, so by 7 am (or a little after if I'm slow going downstairs), I've got my workout in for the day and head upstairs for a nice hot shower.

 photo 97C0B90B-B207-4CD4-AE4C-C8474B8A2EA8_zpspmlel5c2.jpg

One of the best parts of working out at home is my cute workout buddies. For the most part they stay upstairs and continue to snooze in bed while I workout, but every once in a while they come downstairs to see what I'm up to. Anytime I'm doing abs on the floor they seem to think that is time to either lick my face or to roll up next to me and demand a belly rub.

 photo E168AC92-7721-4C6B-B905-C162D78454F1_zpsrebsn6ao.jpg

Many times though they fall asleep on the job.

But in reality what I love most about working out at home is that I can literally roll out of bed and get my workout in early before I start my day. I would never get up early enough to make it to the gym before work, but it's so much easier if all you have to do is walk downstairs. I've been known to wear my workout clothes to bed so I don't even have to change, just roll out of bed and press play.

It's definitely been difficult getting up some mornings to workout, especially after the time change a few weeks ago. But I've found that I have far less excuses working out in the morning. Typically I'm still asleep so I have no idea what I'm doing and tend to get up before I've had a chance to change my mind. If I wait until after work I have 9 or 10 hours to make a million and one excuses.

Plus it helps that my workout reward is my Chocolate Shakeology, and I've told myself many times that if I don't get up right now and workout, I'm not going to get to drink my chocolate shake. And who would turn that down right? It seriously works and gives me a ton of energy after my workout to help get my morning going and keep my energy up throughout the day.

The other great reason about working out at home in the morning? When I'm leaving work, and I see the other girls changing into their gym clothes in the bathroom at work I think to myself how I get to go home a crash on the couch with my hubby and the pups, and not feel an ounce of guilt because my workout was already completed! Any reason to be lazy after a long day of work is a good reason for me!

How about you? Do you have a gym membership or do you workout at home? Do you prefer to workout in the morning or the evening?

If anyone is interested in trying the 21 Day Fix, my coach has another challenge group starting in a few weeks. I lost a total of 8 inches after the first 21 Day Challenge and some of the other challengers in my group have lost anywhere from 5 to 16 pounds during the challenge. If you are interested, leave a comment below or shoot me a note at and I'll send you some details.

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  1. Visiting from Mingle Monday! I had a very brief relationship with the gym when I was in university (mostly because I was already paying for it anyway) but I've never really been a gym person. I prefer to get my exercise in outdoors and during the colder months I'll do one of the thousands of yoga videos available for free on YouTube!


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