Memorial Day Recap

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Happy Tuesday! Hope everyone had a great 3-day weekend. Things have been a little crazy around here, which is the reason for my lack of posts lately. A few changes took place, which have totally thrown me for a loop. I'm a creature of habit, so any small changes in my life can throw me off for a bit. I promise to share what all is going on soon. Just need to get some time to sit down and document it. Until then, I'll share a little bit of life lately through a photo dump from my times right!

 photo D4AEA641-4A6B-4A61-8EBD-0724112C6FD6_zpslvplrr5e.jpg

On Saturday our complex had their 2nd biennial garage sale. 2 years ago we had our first community garage sale and I did most of it on my own since Rick was out of town that weekend. So it was great to have some help this year and we got to hang out with our neighbors a little bit and got to know then a little better which is always a good thing.

As with the sale 2 years ago, we made far more money than we expected (although expectations were pretty low), which is awesome. Even better, a church group came along after the sale and picked up anything that didn't sell as donations. I was planning on taking everything to Goodwill after the sale so it wouldn't end up back in our house, so it was great that we didn't have to load up our cars and it was all cleaned up pretty quickly. Such a smart idea, and we get to write off our donation on our taxes next year. The pups were really helpful attracting customers from the doorway and managed to behave for most of the day. They only tried to escape a few times, but never went too far.

 photo 8DBB74BA-F48D-4986-80CA-C8D6C4037149_zpsvhjc0uyz.jpg

On Saturday night we took some of our garage sale monies and had a nice dinner in Powell at Prohibition. This restaurant is known as a Gastro Pub. We had to look that up to see what it meant, and basically it's a pub/bar that specializes in serving high-quality food. They also have some amazing cocktails that are more old school cocktails. I enjoyed a Moscow Mule, which was actually one of the best I've ever had...really refreshing and would be perfect to enjoy outside on a hot Summer day. Rick had the Mobster Manhattan which included maple bacon whiskey. It was good, but a little too strong for me. I then enjoyed the pulled pork sandwich and fries, while Rick enjoyed the Boot Legger burger. The food was great and the atmosphere was really fun. We both agreed we would definitely come back, and hopefully soon they will have their patio complete so we can enjoy some cocktails outside.

 photo 02C9F7A6-9752-42BD-B407-B10C5CB248DC_zpsr5ydtvjr.jpg

For Sunday Funday, we met up with my brother and the kiddos at the Clippers game.

 photo 741111E7-A081-47B8-9819-EEFE951FC296_zpsntueyt4a.jpg

 photo 9A34AF09-566E-42EF-A946-0FF19F147231_zpsxzpqnjwn.jpg

It was a beautiful day for a ballgame and even better, the Clippers won (0-4)!

 photo 19EC85A5-5021-4AB5-AFDA-D7A6867039A4_zpsu1glkp48.jpg

 photo 2B9EE690-FA89-4880-A924-BEFDAD5BB5E4_zpsydqf8twa.jpg

At the end of the game, we all went down on the field so the kiddos could run the bases. I just had to capture this picture of my brother wearing his daughter's pink Barbi backpack, complete with Barbi dolls inside. We were joking at least they had some clothes on (despite what it may look like in the picture), or else that would be super weird...ha!

 photo F8449B2B-44D0-47B0-ACA4-049A7D770273_zpswkgm2htc.jpg

Getting ready to run the bases...

 photo 41BBE67A-2653-449B-B278-AFC6BB21E80D_zpsbxvnpdfc.jpg

...and here they go.

 photo 5CE076AE-32B3-42DB-A26E-E3E678B07A53_zpsibz51uju.jpg

The kiddos posing with Krash and Lou Seal, which we thought looked kinda like a large rat.

 photo DADE8939-9518-404C-A96F-3D2A9ADD0C9F_zpsmuo8nvk9.jpg

We all had a great time and I think the kiddos really enjoyed their first (semi) professional baseball game.

 photo 358E1EC3-2974-4302-955A-B86D65BF089C_zpslnl6no5j.jpg

After the ballgame, we all went back to our place where we had a little cookout and got to see some baby ducks...

 photo 16B0F321-6D83-4568-854C-AF8B114AD36B_zps6l989ybj.jpg

...and some baby geese in our pond. Rick and I hadn't seen the baby ducks and geese these last few days, so we were afraid maybe they got eaten by a coyote, a bobcat (Rick swears he saw tracks last Winter) or a snapping turtle. Yes we have all kinds of wildlife round there parts. But luckily they were just hiding out in the back pond and we just hadn't seen them yet.

 photo 0B6118D4-F3F6-4149-B129-B1C7A33AF928_zpsl3losdgh.jpg

For dessert, the kiddos made all of us roasted marshmallows. I caught them in the middle of singing this really strange song while bopping their heads, which is the reason for the crazy looks...ha!

 photo 78271A7C-EEF7-4F92-A5BC-77D04CC26225_zpsgg9ui8z8.jpg

Sharing a little reacap from last weekend, our good friends Jackie and Nate got married last weekend.

 photo 6E4CC6C7-527C-4554-BCDC-006B03889DD0_zpskozajdbg.jpg

We were both super excited to be able to be a part of their special day. If you recall, they both helped us with our wedding flowers last year for our wedding. Such a great couple and we are both so very happy for them!!

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  1. Love the pups at the door, so precious and good helpers!

  2. the puppies!!! I love that picture! What a great weekend (:


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