Weekend Recap (Dance Recitals & Family Fun)

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Happy Wednesday! Things have been a little crazy around here, and I have some great news to share in a few days to explain all of it. But in the mean time, I thought I would share a quick weekend recap.

Saturday morning we spent some time gardening. I am definitely planning on sharing all of this soon, but then we had a really bad storm on Monday evening, and it totally flooded our raised garden bed. So we are still waiting to see if the seedlings we transplanted on Saturday are going to survive. Add to that we are in the middle of a cold spell, so if things start are looking rough by the weekend I see a trip to the garden center to buy some plants in our future. #whereismygreenthumb?

 photo 3EB76761-A16C-4BB4-81C0-6940155B4A72_zpsafm4yetj.jpg

Saturday evening Rick and I went to my nieces dance recital. It was extremely hot that day and my Mom heard that the auditorium's AC wasn't working all that well. So I thought it was the perfect occasion to wear my Jacks and my Lilly for Target dress. This is seriously going to be my favorite outfit this Summer. It kept me very cool, and I got a few compliments.

 photo 6010F738-F75F-4B68-BA22-460D2C796D40_zpsw0ik9sms.jpg

My Mom sent me this cute pic of my niece in her ballet costume before the recital. Her costume also included purple butterfly wings, and I decided this was my favorite costume of all of the costumes at the recital.

 photo Izzie_ballet_zpsidqkmhj6.jpg

It was hard to get good pics because the auditorium was so dark, and we were up in the balcony, but here she is with her ballet class.

 photo Izzie_tap_zpswynswehm.jpg

And here she is with her tap group. The theme of the recital was Alice in Wonderland, so each of the acts and performances were based off of different parts of the story. I have to say it was the most creative and well thought-out recital I have ever been to. It did bring back lots of memories of all of the years I took dance and made me realize how much I miss it.

 photo 7A0E0663-7F6C-4B6D-AEFF-4012117ADC7C_zps1hmtj1wx.jpg

After the recital we met up with her outside and Rick gave her some flowers. I wish we could have gotten a better picture to show her fun purple sparkly tennis shoes with her cute tap costume, but it was really dark out at that point.

 photo 603AD789-DE84-49E6-B7EA-901A60862636_zps0tag3u6d.jpg

The next day we went to my Aunt and Uncle's house for a Mother's Day cookout, and it was great to see the family and spend some time with my Grandparents. Here I am with my Mom and Grandmother.

 photo 19F5B61C-A2E7-4F2F-8DBA-D7699E80A798_zpsdyruoras.jpg

The kiddos also got to play with my cousin's daughter who was born 1 week before our wedding. I can't believe she is almost 1 year old, and I can't believe we are a little over a month away from our 1 year anniversary. Oh how time has flown by!!

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