5 (or 6) on Friday: Fuzzy Friday Edition

Friday, June 19, 2015

Happy Friday! So I've had some complaints from a few 4-legged family members that although this blog is called Life, Love & Puppy Paws, there hasn't been enough "Puppy Paws" features. So today we are going to dedicate a 5 on Friday (or really a 6 on Friday, because everyone needs a fair chance in the limelight) to our favorite puppies.

I fully believe that you can tell all about a person by looking at their photo album on their cell phone. If you got a hold of mine, you would definitely see that I love food, flowers and that I'm a crazy dog mom. Rick and I are always taking crazy pictures of the pups and texting them to each other. So today I thought I would feature some of my favorites I came across the other day while trying to clean/up manage my photo storage (#toomanyphotos #neverenoughstorage).

 photo E9EA182F-8300-4633-8730-58EEC7CDC61E_zps3m1bmo19.jpg

How much is that beagle? Apparently the same price as a bunch of bananas.

 photo 98CC8975-8EA6-4986-8E32-1ABA3B09B355_zpsbuzir76l.jpg

One night when I came out of the bathroom from getting ready for bed I came across a puppy all cozied up on my pillow. I asked him if he was the Prince and the Pea.

 photo B2B4714F-854F-4EE3-AB74-7D31A54C8009_zpsjmnynmps.jpg

Every morning I have to literally pick Bryn up out of bed and carry her downstairs so the pups can go outside to potty. Apparently walking down the stairs is just too exhausting for her to handle in the morning. Sometimes we make a stop in the bathroom to check out the puppy in the mirror #crazydoglady.

 photo E773856E-4D9D-4203-BE37-C51274FEA49C_zpshgtztcvh.jpg

"Ma! Where's the gravy???" Abby refuses to eat her food these days unless she has a little gravy (aka beef or chicken broth) on it. Are you seeing any trends here? #lazy and #spoiled

 photo 96D478E5-53E5-4D0C-B4EB-0F00E9DCB59D_zpsx0nynxce.jpg

Bryn enjoying a little Rick time. The way she sits always cracks us up.

 photo C4CD0141-85D8-40D3-B839-EE338C9DB3CD_zps3l7uei0a.jpg

I really don't understand how this can be comfortable.

So tell me, what would your phone photo album tell me about you? Any others out there with too many crazy dog pictures?

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  1. Your pups are absolutely adorable! Ours always hides under our coffee table too like that last photo!

  2. SO cute. My phone is 90% Floyd and the rest is food and maybe some of the husband haha

  3. I am a crazy dog mom too, and your pups are absolutely precious!


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