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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Hi all! It's been a bit since I've posted anything. Lots of fun stuff has been going on, cookouts with friends and family, enjoying the beginning of Summer. But I've spent a lot of time enjoying life and company, and not a lot of time taking photos, so not a ton to share in that department #bloggerfail.

But I do have some fun home updates to share that I'm pretty excited about. I'm trying to motivate myself to do a home tour, now that some of our rooms are getting to what I consider an almost complete stage. It will probably never be fully complete in my mind, as there will always be something to paint (or repaint) or decorate (or redecorate). Rick says painting our home is like my second part-time job...ha!

So here we go...

 photo F6664A92-529B-458B-9410-538AFB7DB8A4_zps6rraigca.jpg

I finally got a sideboard to match out dining room set from World Market. To say I am excited is an understatement. I've really enjoyed having another surface area to decorate, and I'm obsessed with this gold mirror tray. Lamp and tray both from World Market as well...I love that place!! Full reveal coming soon.

 photo 09AAA513-7CA0-4B19-871C-39CF3CFD63E9_zpsm6xb7dtk.jpg

I also recently picked up this end table at Target (not available online). It's a little smaller than the one I had before, but I love the two shelves that I can keep my books and magazines on, which were previously scattered all over the place. Check out the puppy hiding in the back.

 photo 1FEAF4DD-8001-4422-B491-0D2FE5B51B21_zpsum6hmw9b.jpg

Here is a better picture of them in-store so you can see what the sides look like. I actually ended up getting both of them. Our living room configuration only has room for 1 table, but I wanted to get 2 so if we had room in our next home we would have the option for 2 end tables. I have plans for it in our guest room, so the second one will go there for now.

 photo 474F7260-5D24-4F01-AE9D-5869436519AC_zpsjeeuu0cf.jpg

We finally replaced the ugly gold "boob" light in the entry way with this cute one from Home Depot. I have hated these gold lights, and we have 2 more to replace, but the light that I wanted was out of stock at Home Depot. But I'm sure we will likely be replacing soon. Good thing Rick knows a little about replacing lights!!

 photo E5A37D48-9BC6-4472-8386-F1591B41C14E_zps0vdhjvkm.jpg

Our peony bush bloomed a few weeks ago, and it made me so happy. We ended up with about 8 or 9 blooms (a few were hidden). The last 2 years we were lucky to get 2 or 3. It was a lot fuller than it has been the last 2 years, so we either have had the perfect weather for them, or the bush just finally got established.

 photo 746f367d-24af-49c6-8b89-8ec8fa06a2e0_zpscz83krgr.png

Not an update to our home, but a little project Rick has been working on. If you remember, he made me a wooden "H" for Valentine's Day. Well our friend Jackie, who just got married, saw the photo I shared on Instagram, and just loved it. So I told Rick, you should make her and Nate one as a wedding gift. So he did just that, and we gave it to them a few weeks ago when they came over for a cookout. They just loved it, and we loved that we could give them something personalized for their home. Rick did an amazing job, and he is getting really good at his woodworking projects. He has another one in the works that I am extremely excited about and will definitely share at some point.

So that's it for now. Projects next on the list include:
-- Painting the accent wall in the kitchen -- going between painting it a dark cobalt blue, gray or blue stripes, or some type of stencil (like this).
-- A gallery wall for the stairway -- I have such an eclectic mix of items for this, so a little nervous about how it's going to turn out.
-- Working on cleaning up and decorating our guest room -- we finally sold some old furniture I was storing on the guest room, so we can finally get that put together.

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  1. Awww I love all of these little updates! Your peony bush is so pretty and I love your side table. Also from that photo, where did you get those curtains??

  2. We have boob lights too! They are hideous. I love your replacement. :D

  3. Lookin' good! I love house updates!


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