Our Flower Garden Part 1

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

A few weeks ago I shared our vegetable garden, and today I wanted to share our front flower garden. Now there is a reason behind why this is Part 1, and I'll share a little more about that here shortly.

The last couple of years we really haven't invested too much in our front flower bed. I did plant a peony bush a few years ago, and transplanted my hydrangea bush when I moved in (which sadly has never really taken to this spot). Last year we were supposed to have our basement fixed (which took a whole 9 months to happen...but that's another story), and we weren't sure if that was going to cause our flower beds to be dug up. Thankfully it didn't, and since that was all taken care of, and with wedding debt almost being paid off, we figured now was the time to invest in some nice plants.

 photo IMG_4956_zpsvkme7xsc.jpg

This spot is really shady, which I think is why my hydreanega bush just isn't doing very well. I've tried some part-sun plants here before, and they never really worked too well, so this year I decided to go with mostly shade plants.

 photo IMG_4866_zps7dea3la6.jpg

My peony bush, which bloomed the first part of June did really well this year. In the past I've only had maybe 3 or so flowers, but this year I think I counted 9. It's also much bigger than it's ever been, so I'm curious to see if it gets bigger every year. This plant gets completely cut back each year and regrows brand new branches each  Spring, so it's interesting that it keeps getting bigger and bigger as it's not like it is continuing to grow each year. I'm thinking we either had the perfect Spring for it, or it's just finally getting established. Or maybe I'm just lucky :)

 photo IMG_4871_zpsfwr3ktcn.jpg

 photo IMG_4874_zpshlbspckz.jpg

 photo IMG_4887_zpsjxy9vhha.jpg

These tall purple plants were planted about 3 years ago, and let me tell you they just keep coming back year after year. It's really weird because they close up every evening and open up during the day. They kind of grow out of control by about mid-Summer, so this is about the best they are going to look...especially considering their future...but that story is still to come.

The green plant with the pinkish/red flowers between them had Firefly in the name, which is exactly why I purchased it. I'm a sucker for cute names (and packaging), what can I say.

 photo IMG_4876_2_zpsdbabqw27.jpg

This is another one of my favorite plants. I love the white accents on the leaves and the light blue flowers.

 photo IMG_4868_zpsoot3aahg.jpg

The salvia plant above reminded me of a butterfly bush I had at my home long ago. Someday I would love to have another one when I have more room for one. I keep telling Rick I want a huge garden someday that fills up our whole backyard. And I want a big wooden farm table with a crystal chandelier right in the middle of it so we can entertain in my enchanted garden.

 photo IMG_4877_zpsxugulb8o.jpg

My Mom got me some really cute bedding plants at the Farmer's Market in my hometown, and this one I loved because it was called Strawberries & Cream.

 photo IMG_4888_zpspxz9fc6m.jpg

Here are a few more, along with some phylox that I was hoping would have flowered a little more. I'm not exactly sure how this is going to do here. I figure it's either going to die-off, or grow so wild I won't know what to do with it. Oh and do you see that white dusting, that is a bunch of dandelion seeds that caused so many weeds in my garden. I was ready to just remove the entire top layer of mulch to try and get rid of them. Next time I'm going to try and figure out a way to remove them before they turn into weeds.

Ok so here is where we get to the reason behind Part 1. Two weeks ago we had a knock on our door and a group of men were standing outside explaining that the condo board had contracted them to replace our sidewalks and patio. I should have been super excited to have this taken care of, but we had received no notification this was happening, and we were informed some of our plants would have to be removed...woomp, woomp.

 photo A1A526B6-8F2D-4AA7-97D6-A6B3651E4069_zpswjh5ldft.jpg

So this is what we came home to two weeks ago, with a good portion of my plants dug up and piled up in front of our fence. Some got saved, a few were completely killed, and my poor salvia plant is still hanging on for dear life (you can see it dug up and thrown on the pile in the photo above, it's really sad looking now).

A week later, the patio was finally finished (thanks to so much rain), and over the weekend I headed back to Lowes for more plants. I got everything planted over the weekend, so I'll have to take a few more pictures and share part 2. I'm happy with how it all turned out, but I'm not happy about spending more money and not being able to use our front door for a week (especially when we had company over for the 4th of July). Condo boards are nice when it comes to them paying the bill (thank you for the patio and the fixed basement), but they are kind of a pain in the bum when it comes to not being able to control what's going on with your home. I guess there are pros and cons to everything right??

Still to come...the reveal of hopefully our final garden...crossing our fingers!!

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  1. Your photos, especially of the peony blooms, are beautiful!! That stinks about not getting a notification about the changes, but I guess it's nice for them to foot the bill, right?

  2. So pretty! I love those strawberries and cream! Womp on the pulled up plants :( they should also pay to replace them!


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