Creatures in Our Backyard

Thursday, August 13, 2015

I have an interesting post for today. We live in the suburbs, but we have had our share of interesting creatures in our backyard. Rick has an album on Facebook titled "Creatures in My Backyard" and he has gathered some pictures of interesting creatures. I thought it would be fun to share the creatures we have seen these last few months. Please note these are a combination of pictures from my DSLR camera and random iPhone pictures. Sometimes you just have to grab a quick pic with whatever you have before the creature runs off.

 photo IMG_5034_2_zpshzomkaxo.jpg

This is a blue heron. Rick's Mom loves seeing him at our house, and she has named it Gabriel.

 photo IMG_5034_3_zpsnv0c2hvy.jpg

We have been trying to get a picture for her for some time. I'm hoping to get an even better (closer up) picture some day. I was able to capture this one using my zoom lens from our deck, across the pond.

 photo IMG_4988_1_zpscjxnpuws.jpg

We believe these are minks, something I've never seen in person. Rick also captured these off of our deck.

 photo 00D21C39-A3F8-4258-AF32-B222190FBA71_zpsoauzqzol.jpg

This is a crayfish. We found him walking along the road while we were taking the pups out for their final walk of the night. He was pretty far away from the pond, and we were thinking that maybe the Blue Heron dropped him while he was flying over. It was really dark out and I seriously thought this was a tarantula at first. I might have screamed.

 photo 427A4D32-B977-4163-972A-451D2E339C89_zpseyxmspaz.jpg

Here is a close up of his face. After we took these pictures, we took him back down to his home in the pond.

 photo FB7FD858-1E63-4069-85FB-1A42FADB5BD9_zpsphlev3mw.jpg

We also found this little frog while taking the pups for a walk one night. I'm not sure why all these creatures think it's smart to hang out on the road in the complete dark. Maybe they are confused. Again, we took him back down to the pond after this photo was taken.

 photo 358E1EC3-2974-4302-955A-B86D65BF089C_zpsssownonp.jpg

This year we had more baby ducks. It was fun to watch them grow up. There were a few tragedies and a few we think did get eaten by snapping turtles (we found some feathers floating in the water on day), but luckily quite a few did survive and grew up. Now we can't tell which ones were the babies as they are all grown up.

 photo F89D61BB-529F-4B76-B575-55E3272379AB_zpschjoc6or.jpg

We also had some baby geese. I don't particularly like the geese, but their babies were pretty cute! I took Izzie down to the pond to take this picture with my phone, and she wanted to go up and try to pet them. I told her geese are not nice so that was not a good idea...ha!

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