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Thursday, August 27, 2015

I've been working on this gallery wall for almost 3 years now. I actually mentioned this in a post back in Nov of 2012. I'm happy to report that it's finally finished and I LOVE how it turned out!

So why did it take me so long? I really wanted a fun, quirky wall with lots of different frames and elements. I wanted something a little more free form and full of different textures. I just couldn't figure out what would work together and how I was going to arrange everything so it looked random, but not a complete mess. My OCD mind just couldn't wrap itself around this idea. So what's a girl to do? Turn to Pinterest of course.

Some of my favorite pins included this and this, and I used this for inspiration on how to actually arrange them on the wall.

 photo IMG_5206_1_zpsthyr84oh.jpg

Here is the finished project. And you can see our updated light fixture that we had installed last Winter. Looks so much better than that ugly gold diamond fixture that you can see back in my Nov 2012 post.

 photo IMG_5208_1_zpsmc1spipc.jpg

A lot of the pictures were from our engagement shoots (here and here) and our wedding. The wooden H was Rick's Valentine's day gift to me this year. And you can see that I included the map and the homemade paper that was part of our 1 year anniversary gifts.

So how did I accomplish this? I started out by collecting my pictures, frames and other fun accents. I did look through Pinterst for some inspiration on what other types of items I wanted to include. That is where I came up with the idea for the wooden H, the deer antlers and the Home sign.

 photo 20733008-85C7-4BBB-A3EC-9BAEA806361B_zpssmublrwe.jpg

Once I had all of my items, I traced them onto the back of wrapping paper and then cut them out to use as guides for arranging on the wall. More on that in a minute. Make sure you write on the paper which frame this represents, the color, what picture was going in the frame and which side is the top. This will help you reference which frame you are hanging later.

 photo 2CD86252-8E1B-4A36-968B-BBAD348417E7_zps8wvvj5fc.jpg

I then layed out all of my frames so I could get an idea of what order I wanted them in. I then took a picture with my phone (as shown above), so I could reference the order later.

 photo 693BFAEE-FFA9-4039-B234-701C5DDBBA03_zpslqonpjub.jpg

Then it was time to arrange on the wall. I just used some scotch tape and started arranging. This turned into a week long process. I actually put them up the first of the week and then kept tweaking things throughout the week. I think this was good because it gave me time to make sure I was comfortable with the placement of everything.

 photo 91EC2013-1D02-4A54-B696-265C8224E70D_zpspjbo1tfj.jpg

Then it was time to hang everything. My handy husband was in charge of that. Basically we measured out the hanger on the back of the frame and then marked where the hanger was going to go on the paper. Then Rick used that marking to help him drill holes for the anchors or hammer in the nails. When then just removed the paper and hung the frames. This process worked really well, and we only had 2 mishaps. One was the antlers, which were hard to figure out anyway, and the other was where one of the papers slipped. BTW: How much do you love my husband's ladder set up?

 photo IMG_5207_1_zpsd2ogdngx.jpg

And here is another close-up of the finished wall.

 photo 1C0B51CF-D59B-4310-BE26-D1FCDF8F8DC1_zpsemxizii3.jpg

Some of my favorite elements include this frame that we had on display at our wedding. It includes wedding pictures of both of our sets of Grandparents, our Parents and one of our engagement pictures.

 photo IMG_5206_2_zpsothtwenr.jpg

I also love this "Home" sign that we got at a cute little shop in Delaware called A Little Simplicity. They have a lot of cute home decor items from local artists. I'll have to share a post on them sometime soon!

So what do you think? Have you ever completed a DIY Gallery Wall?

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  1. I love it, girl! It looks great -- and you are right, that is a fabulous light fixture. I am incredibly flattered that my wall could provide a little inspiration, :D. That is what I love about blogging -- exchanging ideas and helping each other out. Virtual hug!

  2. Ohhhh! I love it!! I love the antlers! And the Home sign! And all of course the beautiful pictures.

  3. LOVE it!! That ladder set up is genius! I love your fixture too, we just got a similar one for our kitchen.

  4. Gallery walls are surprisingly hard, right? And that's not even considering the figuring out how to hang it correctly... I'm working on one for my new office and will definitely use these tips. Love the Home sign and the H!


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