#TBT: El Yunque Rainforest in Puerto Rico

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Hey there! I have the perfect post today for Throwback Thursday. Remember about 9 months ago when we went to Puerto Rico. Well there were a few more posts I had planned and never got around to. One of the things I've been wanting to share is our tour of the rainforest. I took a ton of pictures, and tried my hardest to edit them down, but there were just so many fun things I wanted to share. So be prepared for a photo overload, but I promise it will be interesting.

We reserved our tour though our hotel, and they picked us up at 8 am in front of the hotel lobby. We then took a small shuttle bus, which did pick up a few other passengers at other hotels in the area, to the rain forest. Our first stop was at the El Yunque National Rainforest visitor center. We watched a short video about the rain forest, and had a chance to browse some booths with local vendors. We then jumped back on the shuttle bus to begin our adventure.

 photo IMG_4045_1_zpsqq1w4wrx.jpg

The shuttle bus took us up into the rain forest, and we stopped a few times for photo opportunities.

 photo IMG_4039_1_zpshgyirdcr.jpg

 photo IMG_4035_1_zpssh633sql.jpg

 photo IMG_4033_1_zps0kotnter.jpg

 photo IMG_4050_1_zpsehqxjk3w.jpg

 photo IMG_4046_1_zpswtm51ci7.jpg

We then stopped at the Yokahu Observation Tower.

 photo IMG_4061_1_zpsh7t3fqph.jpg

We walked up a bunch of stairs to the top of the tower for some amazing views.

 photo IMG_4057_1_zps0tnkptub.jpg

You can see the beach/ocean in the very far distance.

 photo IMG_4056_1_zpsixa7hbkx.jpg

 photo IMG_4054_1_zpsy4tkznng.jpg

 photo IMG_4059_1_zps2nvfeli0.jpg

Here is the view of the mountains from the other side of the tower.

 photo IMG_2347_zpszo0nboa8.jpg

 photo IMG_4073_1_zpsgpnrmlzq.jpg

We then continued our journey to another stop that had a 1/2 mile hike to the waterfalls.

 photo IMG_4072_1_zpswowgdbb0.jpg

 photo IMG_4074_1_zpsv5regwjx.jpg

 photo IMG_4077_1_zpsmflfxoyy.jpg

 photo IMG_4081_1_zpsttoa3ru8.jpg

 photo IMG_2356_zps0pxhlwk5.jpg

I just loved this gigantic leaf I found along our hike.

 photo IMG_4084_1_zpsyhjuwz01.jpg

 photo IMG_4086_1_zps5ynjcxuw.jpg

 photo IMG_4095_1_zpsqlui3qx8.jpg

The waterfall was beautiful!

 photo IMG_4089_1_zpshk2psrkb.jpg

At the base of the waterfall you could jump in and take a quick swim, although it was full of people. The couple in the picture above was with our group of friends that was in Puerto Rico for our friend's wedding. The guy was actually the roommate of the groom.

 photo FullSizeRender 4_zpsliez3txk.jpg

 photo IMG_4079_1_zpstobyfwkr.jpg
Throughout our hike we also saw a bunch of little critters including some cute little lizards and snails.

 photo IMG_4068_1_zpscfpyhlaa.jpg

 photo IMG_4099_1_zpsdmdwfjwk.jpg

 photo IMG_4098_1_zpsaw5stkse.jpg

 photo IMG_4102_1_zps03jzxjb0.jpg

We also stopped off to look at the largest tree in the rainforest. Again with our friends from our group.

 photo IMG_4106_1_zpskbr61km4.jpg

 photo IMG_4042_1_zpsxncv7kev.jpg

It was a great tour and we both highly recommend if you are ever in Puerto Rico.

I may have one more post to share about Puerto Rico, and then I'll hopefully be sharing our next trip that we leave for in almost 2 weeks! Can't wait!

PS: You can find our other posts about Puerto Rico here, and our other travels here.

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