#RuffNight -- Bedtime Routine for the Puppies

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Having 3 dogs can be a lot of fun, but it can also be chaotic at times. Trying to coordinate feedings, bathroom breaks, walks and sleeping arrangements can get overwhelming, especially when it's already hard to communicate with your furry family members that can also be quite stubborn at times. I have found it best to get everyone into a routine so we all understand our roles and what needs to happen.

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I myself am a creature of habit, but I've found my pups are that way too. And sometimes when our routine changes, or we get behind, our pups call us out and remind us of what we are supposed to be doing.

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The first step in our routine is our nightly walk. We used to take the pups down to the dog park each evening to play, but we have found they tend to get more energy out by us taking them for a walk around the pond in our complex. There are usually more sniffs, especially around the pond, to give them mental exercise, and the walk gets them physically exhausted. A tired pup is a happy pup, and tends to sleep better at night.

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We usually take them for a longer walk when we get home from work, and then a shorter walk to get their last bathroom break of the evening right before bed.

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The next step in our routine is getting our sleeping spots. This little fella is the king of the bed. He actually usually starts running ahead of us up the stairs the minute we start shutting down the tv and the lights. He also knows the word "bed" and if you say, "are you ready for bed?" will start barking and jumping around. Going to bed is like his favorite thing in the world. He usually snuggles up with me under the covers and is like my little heater. He makes it really hard to get up in the mornings, especially now that the temps are dropping.

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This little girl gets to sleep in the bed as well. She usually cuddles with Rick, but on occasion she will cuddle with me, and has been known to sleep on our pillows, especially during a thunderstorm.

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Miss Abby loves to sleep on her bed. She actually has 2 dog beds (1 downstairs in the living room, and 1 upstairs in the bedroom) that my Mom and I made together one day. We ended up making a pillow insert out of an old sheet, and then a cover that can easily be removed and then go in the wash. I highly recommend getting nice and comfy dog beds, especially if you don't like having pups in the bed. If you aren't into DIYs, here is a great option with a waterproof removable cover that is machine washable. You can find many other options from Wayfair.com here as well. Miss Abby loves her beds and they are her little space to get away and rest and relax.

My in-laws actually have dog beds for each of the pups when they come to visit. It works out because they all have their designated space and everyone knows their place when it comes to bedtime.

Our pups love their bedtime routine, and sometimes if we get home late, or if we stay up a little later watching a movie, they will let us know it's time for their late night walk or it's time for bed. Napoleon has also been known to head upstairs and get in bed if he gets tired enough.

Do your pups have a bedtime routine? Do they have a spot in the bed, or a comfy bed of their own?

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