Christmas Cookie Roundup - 2015

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

I have a few posts planned for Christmas sharing some of our favorite holiday traditions and how we are celebrating these traditions this year. Another favorite tradition of mine is baking cookies. I started out baking Christmas cookies with my Mom, and I've carried on that tradition, even after I move out into my own home. We tend to make a ton of cookies, and the last few years we have been splitting up the different kinds so we aren't spending a million hours baking in the kitchen. 

I spent a few hours baking on Sunday, and today I wanted to share some of the cookies I made this weekend. I've also got a yummy appetizer to share that I made last year and will be making this week for Christmas day.

Note: Many of these I've shared before, so I'm linking the recipes to my original blog post, along with a few new ones.

 photo Peanut Butter_zpsjx7bcmho.jpg

Peanut Butter Blossoms 
{ Recipe from Betty Crocker }

This recipe I found in my Better Crocker 40th Anniversary Cookbook, but I also found it online, making is super simple to pull up on my tablet. I also made a gluten free version that is very similar for a few of my friends. Please note that Hershey's Hugs are not gluten-free, so make sure to pick up the original milk chocolate kisses. You can find my gluten free 4-ingredient peanut butter cookie recipe here, just place the Hershey kisses on top right out of the oven.

 photo SugarCrinkles_zps9ac50aae.jpg

Christmas Sugar Crinkles
{ Recipe originally from Southern Living Incredible Cookies }

These cookies are so unique because they have a light lemon flavor to them and they are very soft and sweet. They are also one of those cookies that you can quickly whip up and then place in the fridge to have on hand to make cookies whenever the mood strikes...or company comes.

 photo No-Bake_zpsohthdkta.jpg

No-Bake Cookies
{ Recipe Here }

Our family is obsessed with these cookies and I have no idea where my original recipe came from. But no fear I found it on Food Network, and it's the exact recipe that I used, minus the salt. but I'm sure that would balance out the sweet quite nicely.

Chocolate Chip / M&M Cookies
{ Recipe here - at the very bottom of the post }

I sadly don't have a good picture of these. I was having some ingredient issues so these didn't turn out very pretty. But they are very tasty. We use our regular chocolate chip cookie recipe, and then just mix half chocolate chips with half green and red M&Ms. They look very festive for Christmas and I love the added chocolate and texture from the M&Ms.

 photo BaconAppetizer_zpsf7dc886d.jpg

Bacon Appetizers
{ Recipe originally from the Pioneer Woman }

I came across this recipe from the Pioneer Woman about a year or so ago, and seriously these go really fast. You can use either Parmesan cheese for a very salty appetizer or use brown sugar for a salty/sweet appetizer. Or do a combination of both and surprise your guests. As my family says "anything is better with bacon" and that is very true of these appetizers.

 photo C4792FE9-62A1-4ED4-91E2-8CEC85B4A9C8_zpslpynfbgh.jpg

Maple Glazed Cinnamon Rolls
{ Recipe from the Pioneer Woman }

I'm hoping to also make some cinnamon rolls to take to our families for breakfast. We are having breakfast Christmas morning at my brother's and then will be spending the night with Rick's family so these would be perfect the next day for breakfast. I have a lot to accomplish, so crossing my fingers I get it all done!!
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