Holmes Family Christmas 2015

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Hope everyone had a great Christmas! This year things went by so fast and I can't believe that Christmas has come and gone. I'm a little sad it is over, but I'm hoping for great things to come in 2016, so I'm ready to just jump start the new year and see what's to come.

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{ Merry Christmas from the Holmes - 2015 }

Before we go there, I wanted to do a quick recap of our Christmas holiday. I took a bunch of very random iPhone pics (except for the first one), and most of them are of the kiddos and the pups, which are probably cuter to look at than all of the adults.

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Rick had to work on Christmas Eve, so we had a nice little dinner when he got home from work. We used our Christmas china and actually sat at the table for once. I think it threw off the pups because they became filthy little beggers hoping for some ham.

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We finally gave in and let them have some ham sammiches as their Christmas treat.

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After dinner we cleaned up and headed over to the candle light service at the barn church. I think this church is so beautiful and it's even more so at Christmas. They had dueling pianos, along with a horn and string quartet. Music at the Christmas Eve service is always my favorite and they did not disappoint!

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After we got back from church, we decided to open presents since we would need to get up super early the next morning to head to my brother's house. Napoleon sat on my lap and assisted me with opening my presents. Such a little helper he is!

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The puppies also got to open their presents. I kept all of them in this brown box which I sealed up under the tree hoping they wouldn't get into them a head of time. It sure did work, but they might have figured out my trick next year. Bryn was all about opening up the presents, but Napoleon and Abby didn't get the concept of it. Probably a good thing or else we might come home in the future to find all of our presents unwrapped.

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We got up super early on Christmas morning and headed to my brother's house to open presents. This is a picture he sent me of the kiddos on Christmas Eve in their new Christmas pjs. I didn't get a picture of his tree with all of the presents because some kiddos were too eager to get to opening the presents.

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Miss Bella was super excited about her furry jacket...

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...as well as her Karaoke machine. Doesn't she look like a teenager here?

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We then headed over to my parent's house for lunch and spent some time with my Grandma Libby.

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Later that day we headed over to Rick's parents for dinner and to open even more presents. The goal with both families this year was to give small gifts, but I'll be honest we were both completely spoiled.

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Rick's sister has two Goldens and they were just hamming it up for the camera. I couldn't believe they let us put these on them...ha!

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The moon on Christmas night was a full Moon I believe, and it had this perfect circle around it, which I kind of captured in this picture. It was kind of interesting.

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The next day the pups enjoyed playing out on the farm and getting lots of sniffs in. Doesn't Abby look like such a happy farm dog here? She loves exploring on the farm.

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These are Rick's sisters dogs. Whenever we all get together there is typically 7 dogs on the farm...we love our pups!

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We also got to meet Rick's parent's two new ducks and give them a bath, in addition to enjoying some duck eggs for breakfast.

Overall it was a great Christmas, and we really enjoyed spending time with family.

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  1. Your church is gorgeous! Love all the pups getting festive, Happy New Year Jen!


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