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Thursday, January 7, 2016

So I'm a little late to the party, but I saw this fun link-up with Anne and thought it would be a fun way to catch up with everyone.

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Before I get started, here is how we currently feel as of lately with the cold temps. If you are looking for me, you will likely find me snugged up with a bunch of blankets with this guy for the next 3 months.

Resolving: I'm working on my list of goals for the year, but my big resolution for the year is to work on my patience. I've never had a lot of patience, but feel that I am struggling with this even more lately. I admit I'm a control freak, and want everything to happen on my timeline. I know that sometimes the best things happen on their own timeline and I just have to keep reminding myself that on an almost daily basis. So we will see how that pans out this year. Wish me luck!

Reading: I just started Three Wishes by Liane Moriarty. I read a few of her books last year (Big Little Lies and What Alice Forgot) and really seem to like her style. I'm only about 35 pages in, but am so far enjoying it. I'm planning on reading 1 book per month as my goal for the year, so if anyone has any recommendations for what I should read next please share.

Organizing: After working out my goals, I feel like organizing is going to be a big theme for the year.  Rick and I have started working on our basement, which is a complete disaster. But we now have a game plan so I'm hoping things will come together rather quickly. The next step is to work on our closets and try and donate some clothes/shoes.

Loving: The new episodes of Fixer Upper. I love Chip and Joanna, and would give anything to have them come and redesign our home. My favorite episode so far is their Christmas episode where they buy and renovate a bed and breakfast, which you can stay in beginning this Spring. Maybe a trip to Waco will be in our future :)

Craving: I'm just started another round of the 21 Day Fix so I'm trying to eat rather healthy. But with the cold temps, I'm really craving some comfort food, which is usually not very healthy. I recently came across this recipe for One Pan Mexican Quiona which I'm really excited to try as part of next week's meal plan. It looks like warm comfort food, but is still pretty healthy. Any other suggestions for healthy comfort food? I promise to share others that I come across, along with some meal plan ideas in a few weeks.

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