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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Ever since my DIY wedding flowers experience, I've been really interested in learning more about flower arranging. Right before Thanksgiving I took a DIY Fall Centerpiece class, and in December I took a DIY Holiday Centerpiece class. I know the holidays are over, but I really enjoyed the DIY class, and wanted to share my experience and the tips I learned.

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I took the class at The Flowerman, which is where I also did my DIY Wedding flowers. The class was $34 and included all of the supplies for the centerpiece.

When we first walked into class we were welcomed with this cute statement. I totally agree "I must have flowers always & always."

For each of the classes they offer complimentary snacks and beverages. I just adored this beautiful sparkly table runner.

And here is our inspiration piece, along with some of the snacks.

So to begin we started with a round holder, floral foam and floral tape. The instructor had already soaked the floral foam, but before you begin you need to make sure your floral foam has been soaked so it keeps your flowers from drying out. You also need to make sure you have the correct floral foam for fresh flowers. There are two different kinds, one for fresh flowers and one for faux flowers.

Take your floral foam and drop into a bucket full of water. Don't push it down and it will be ready once it's has sunk to the bottom of the bucket. You can cut your floral foam to fit your holder using some floral wire. Just slice it with the wire by pressing the wire through your foam. Then to make sure your foam stays in the holder, attach it with some floral tape. Just make sure to offset your floral tape from the center so you can place your candle in the center.

Next we gathered our flowers which included the following:

-- 1 greenery bundle
-- 3 stems of hypericum berries
-- 3 stems of green button mums
-- 3 stems of white cushion mums
-- 6 stems of red carnations

We started by adding the greenery. We inserted the lemon leaves first (which are the bigger green leaves). Insert them all around the bottom to add a round shape to your centerpiece. Then add some all over to add some height and round out your centerpiece all over. We then added some pine, which smelled lovely, and eucalyptus which was nice and drapey. Then we inserted our candle in the middle.

We then added in the mums, carnations and the hypericum berries. You can really add them in however you want, but it looked best to group them together. So I used 2 white mums and 1 red carnation bunched together, and then 3 green button mums grouped together. I just grouped them together, cut them so they had similar stem lengths, and then inserted them one at a time in my arrangement.

One thing I learned is to just go with whatever you do and try not to remove your stems/flowers after you insert them into the foam. If you do that too much, your floral foam will end up with lots of holes and start to break down. You can always fluff your flowers and stems or kind of bend them a little to get them to fit best. Or just add a little bit more greenery, especially if you need to fill in some gaps.

It was interesting because everyone's centerpieces looked really different, but they were all beautiful. We finished off our centerpiece with some preservative spray and were told to water it every other day to keep it fresh and last for up to a week.

I really enjoyed the class and am hoping they will offer even more classes throughout the year. As we were wrapping up, everyone in the class was trying to convince them to offer a valentine's day class, which I think would be a lot of fun.

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Have you ever tried to DIY a floral centerpiece? I was really overwhelmed at first, but it's actually not too hard. You just have to be very opened minded, and not get too discouraged in the beginning. It really doesn't start to look like its taking shape until the end and you can always add or take away to help balance it out.

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  1. This came out so pretty!! I would love to take a class like this.


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