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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Last year at this time Rick and I were returning from our trip to Puerto Rico. I realized I had one more recap and then my San Juan trip will be complete. And what better way to celebrate the first snowfall of the year here in Ohio than with some beach pictures.

I wanted to end my series of Puerto Rico posts showcasing the amazing beaches in San Juan. The sand was soft and the beaches were rather clean, just a little seaweed which is to be expected at the beach. And the water was clear and turquoise and just beautiful! The water was a little too rough for me, and was kind of cold (but again it was January), but we both really enjoyed the views and walking on the beach.

 photo IMG_2400_1_zpsbmzn4wgt.jpg

 photo IMG_3928_1_zps94dae047.jpg

 photo IMG_3930_1_zpsmg0shwpb.jpg

 photo IMG_3912_1_zpsqasxzatw.jpg

This photo was actually taken at night. I just set my DSLR camera down on a ledge because the shutter released really slow. It turned out to be a really cool picture though with not much retouching needed.

 photo IMG_4117_1_zpsguexztq3.jpg

 photo IMG_4170_1_zpsqng5akyo.jpg

 photo IMG_3934_1_zpsioutl1ds.jpg

As we were walking along the beach, we came across this cute little crab.

 photo IMG_3933_1_zpszhwaujf5.jpg

Of course Rick had to pick him up and check him out.

 photo IMG_3935_1_zpswzj3wypp.jpg

We found this interesting fruit/vegetable (??) growing on a palm tree, and to this day we have no idea what it is. If anyone knows, please tell us!!

 photo IMG_3951_1_zps8mg9vv85.jpg

One of the things we really liked about San Juan is everyone seemed to enjoy the outdoors and was very active. There were also a ton of beautiful local parks. One afternoon we decided to take a walk around the area, and we came across this cute little park called the La Ventana del Mar, which translates to the "window to the sea". When I heard the translation I immediately agreed as this was a little opening to the beach in the middle of a bunch of high-rise buildings. There were a lot of nice benches and grassy areas to relax, along with access to the beach.

 photo IMG_3952_1_zpsj0k3lkdt.jpg

 photo IMG_3942_1_zpsb3jsisum.jpg

 photo IMG_3954_1_zpsuprsek69.jpg

It was interesting to see all of the Christmas decorations along with the palm trees. With the warmer weather, it was easy to forget that Christmas was only a few weeks before our trip.

 photo IMG_3946_1_zpsnexn9qg5.jpg

We then came across the Laguna del Condado. We saw lots of people kayaking and paddle boarding. A few of our friends did a little paddle boarding so they could look for manatee, as we assumed these creatures might be living there based on the sign above. They had a great time, but unfortunately did not see any :(

 photo IMG_3947_1_zps6stxqxnd.jpg

 photo IMG_4177_1_zpsxyymj8zh.jpg

Here is a birds eye view from the penthouse of our hotel. Look at that beautiful water.

 photo Purerto Rico_zpsqjo1pd1p.jpg

And here is a night view of the other side. Our good friends who were getting married there were staying in the Penthouse, so we spent some time celebrating with them and enjoying these beautiful views.

It was a great trip and I highly recommend visiting. You can find the rest of my recap posts of Puerto Rico here.

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