Life Lately: January 2016 Edition

Monday, February 1, 2016

Happy Monday!

I'm trying something new this year and focusing more on monthly recaps. January was an interesting month. True to my horoscope, the first of the month I felt a little blah and was having some rough times. But by the end of the month things started to turn around and I've been starting to feel better about things.

My horoscope also said that between now and October I would be making tons of money and that the planets are pushing me to control my stress. It also said I would revisit past fitness and nutrition plans (very true...see below), and that we would celebrate important milestones in May and June. We do have a trip planned in June to celebrate our 2 year anniversary, but it will be interesting to see what happens in May. Lastly, I'll apparently become really cool and attract a lot of friends in October, probably because of all of the money I'll be making, right!

Moving back to January...

 photo BA687C2A-C97E-4E48-92D1-8A30BB6A1B53_zpsltx50jbt.jpg

We rang in the new year with date night at Easton. Dinner at Cooper's Hawk was oh so delicious, and the lights were so pretty and kind of magical. Although it was super cold, so our walk to see the lights was rather short.

 photo AAA2504D-F63A-4760-84CF-B48E9FE2B7EE_zpssdx5ruxt.jpg

My Mom and I took the kiddos on a road trip to WVa to visit with my grandparents.

 photo 0285CF61-3849-4801-8E32-16B4A85740CD_zps69auddsq.jpg

Here is Grandma Nonnie and Grandpa Bob, aren't they the cutest! After I took this picture, my Grandpa points at my phone and says "I've never had my picture in one of those before." Gotta love his sense or humor :)

 photo DA2932C4-0C3E-42E4-BA0D-FA52E58C0263_zpsrzwzhsar.jpg

The visit was full of games of Candy Land, and I lost every single game to Bella. I swear it was fixed!

 photo D129E8F1-4472-43D1-BD66-7A2A7480C118_zps7u14wtd5.jpg

My workouts had been slacking the last part of 2015, so on Jan 4 I committed to 30 days of working out. I'm almost at my 30 days, and although I did miss 2 days due to weird circumstances (no power one morning and not feeling well the other), I'm pretty proud that I'm finally back into a great fitness routine. I'm hoping to keep up with my daily morning workouts throughout 2016.

 photo 6DC57CDD-7D89-4E19-8D65-37A730007315_zps0pvu2czh.jpg

One of my other goals for January was to get back into healthy meal planning. I've tried all kinds of new meals this month, and some were winners and others not so much. But it's been fun finding new meals to put into our dinner rotation. I'm hoping to share some of our favorites soon!

 photo A6965D50-2BEA-465B-B705-A31CA5A73E18_zpsadipyhvm.jpg

Miss Abby had a rough January. One morning she broke one of her toenails, and required a not so fun vet visit. They had to put her under to cut her toenail way back and was pretty groggy for the rest of the day.

 photo EAB21799-C142-429F-B122-C283375A729A_zpsbbnmeyph.jpg

She was a hot mess in her cone of shame, but made up for it by being so cute in her sweater. And I loved her little "paddle foot" as I called it in her little cast. We had to put a sandwich baggie over it to keep it dry in the snow.

 photo B2C6CFA9-D5B8-45A1-A380-172582E4B6C1_zpsmxfdxhzv.jpg

We had a couple of inches of snow around the middle of the month, but we did not get any snow during the big blizzard last week.

 photo 014FEDE4-0AA8-429C-9DA8-80B92CDA9568_zpstm9ozsyd.jpg

We did have a beautiful sunrise one morning that casted a pink glow on the snow. This picture doesn't do the view justice, but it still turned out kind of cool.

 photo 663EE1BB-5DE2-4E6B-873A-93D085A28D00_zpsa7vye0ef.jpg

We had some very cold days in January and one morning it was only 1 degree. When Rick informed me of this I immediately responded with "I hate life right now!" Because walking 3 dogs in the cold is not fun. Also during this cold spell we lost power 3 times in 3 days. It got crazy cold in the house one morning (a chilly 46 degrees), but luckily the next 2 times AEP was able to restore our power in an hour or so. Apparently a fuse kept blowing down the street which basically knocked power out in our complex. Fun times!! But the last few days it's been in the high 50's which is super crazy to go from 1 degree to 58 in a matter of weeks. But that is Ohio!

 photo D29FFFC2-B4D7-4F96-B09B-E8E756996D77_zpsdwyfswc9.jpg

We've had some fun lazy weekends to cuddle on the couch with the pups to watch movies and catch up on shows, including all of Making a Murder. I also finished my first book of 2016 - Three Wishes by Liane Moriarty. It was really good, although there were a few parts that I think were monologues of outsiders that kind of confused me. But overall it was a good book, and she is one of my favorite writers. Any suggestions for what I should read next?

 photo 31DD6944-F466-447B-8D58-0129ECE63E1B_zps6m0jq8ef.jpg

We finally took the Christmas tree down the 2nd weekend of the month and I pulled out some of my Spring and Valentine's d├ęcor. I missed all of my sparkly Christmas decorations, but was excited for a fresh new look.

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