Best Snacks Post-Workout

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

What you eat after your workout is almost as important as your workout. It's important to feed your body to help your muscles recover and to replenish glycogen, which is made and stored as energy and is depleted after a hard workout. It's best to refuel 30-60 minutes post-workout with a meal balanced with protein and carbohydrates. This will ensure you are refueling and repairing your body properly.

Depending on when you workout, you may choose to eat a large meal or a healthy snack. I don't always have a huge appetite after working out, nor do I have a lot of time to prepare a meal since I workout first thing in the morning before work. So I tend to eat a small meal or snack right after my workout and then have a larger meal a few hours later. When looking for a post-workout snack I want something that is nutritious, easy to prepare and take with me, is low in sugar, and of course tastes great.

Today I wanted to share some of my favorite post-workout healthy snacks. They all are high in protein, but also have a healthy balance of carbs which are also really important in replenishing your energy levels.

 photo 2BA57224-A6D9-43C6-8BF7-4EBBADE0CA92_zpsk0qun551.png

~ 1-2 cups of chocolate milk, or chocolate cashew milk (my favorite)

~ Fruit and Nut Bars - my favorites are LARABAR or Kind Bars

~ Cottage Cheese with Berries

~ Protein Shake with a Banana - I drink Shakeology and my husband likes Muscle Milk

~ Peanut Butter on Apple or Banana Slices

~ Turkey and Cheese with Apple Slices

~ Handful of Nuts with a piece of Fresh Fruit

~ Hummus with Carrots

~ Omelette or Hard Boiled Egg with a piece of Whole Wheat Toast or Ezekiel Bread

Do you tend to snack or have a full meal post-workout? What are some of your favorite post-workout foods or snacks?

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