Easter Weekend Recap

Monday, March 28, 2016

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. It was the perfect weekend here in Ohio. It was sunny all weekend and in the 60's on Sat and 77 on Sun! I feel like it's always cold on Easter and I'm typically freezing in my Easter dress. But this year it was perfect dress weather.

 photo IMG_6564_1_zpsbddulr9n.jpg

Speaking of dresses...last week I shared some Spring dresses for Easter, and this is the one I choose. I love the bright colors and the floral pattern. I made Rick wear this tie so we would be somewhat matchy :)

 photo IMG_6561_1_zpshunzfulb.jpg

The kiddos were in similar colors, don't they look so sweet? They are in that stage where they think they hate each other, so I had to take a quick picture before they realized how close they were standing next to each other.

 photo IMG_6567_1_zpsguqb1yf2.jpg

And here is my brother and sister-in-law. Again with the matchy.

 photo IMG_6570_1_zpsqqg79twh.jpg

After church we headed to my parent's house for lunch and an Easter egg hunt.

 photo IMG_6571_1_zpsd8zhy4vt.jpg

Jack was pretty uninterested in the egg hunt. He has gone from 9 to teenager in a matter of weeks. Miss Bella was the rock star and found the majority of the eggs -- all 32 of them!

 photo IMG_6572_1_zpsztcy4pm2.jpg

The Easter Bunny showed up at my parent's house and left us a bunch of loot! We are all in the process of coming out of a sugar coma.

 photo IMG_6575_1_zpsy0wn9twe.jpg

We also got to spend a little time with Grandma Libby.

In addition to the Easter festivities, we took the pups to the park (pictures to come), and I learned a little bit about decorating cupcakes (post to come later this week). Overall a pretty great weekend!

How was your Easter weekend?

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  1. What cute pictures!! That's impressive she found all 32 eggs!


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