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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

It's Wednesday! So let's check out some cute pictures of my favorite kiddos. Last weekend we met up with the kiddos for a few hours at a local park on the west side of Columbus. It was good to get outside and get some fresh air, and watch the kiddos run off some energy.

 photo IMG_6381_1_zpsziyg0bob.jpg

We also took the opportunity for an impromptu photo shoot.  Looking back at these pictures I can't believe how grown up they look. Jack is 9, going on 19 and Bella is 6, going on 16. It seriously feels like yesterday I was visiting them in the hospital the day they were born. Growing up I hated it when grown-ups would say, "I remember when you were this tall!"

But I find myself remembering when they were just babies and wondering where the time went. Makes you feel old ya know, but I have loved every minute of watching them grow up and watching as they reach new milestones in their life. I won't be crazy about letting them drive my car though, even though Jack swears he is responsible enough to drive a car right now. He will be more interested in Rick's Jeep, so I'll let Rick deal with that one...ha!

 photo IMG_6386_1_zpsvckqjsjd.jpg

The kiddos are at that stage where they will still cooperate when you ask them to pose for the camera, but they like to ham it up and be silly. I think they get that from their Daddy.

 photo IMG_6391_1_zpsop4ecvmb.jpg

Miss Bella has the cutest expressions, and very rarely do you get a serious picture of her. As you can see, Girl loves to dress up and is obsessed with accessories. She always has a hair band, a few pieces of jewelry and loves her boots! She also loves to have her nails painted, and usually each finger is a different color. She would be wearing makeup every day if her Daddy would let her. She is such an artistic little girl!

 photo IMG_6396__zpss7eiqnby.jpg

Jack on the other hand is going through that stage where he's almost too cool for pictures. Luckily he still thinks his Aunt Jen and Uncle Rick are cool, and I so hope it stays that way forever! He's a smart little guy and so serious about things. He seems older than he really is, and I sometimes feel that he has a little bit of my personality.

 photo IMG_6371_1_zpsiecnvxps.jpg

We also got to visit with the kiddos' half sister Audrey. She is such a sweet girl and the kiddos love her so much! It's fun to see them all interacting together. Such a tight bond between them.

Overall it was a fun day, even if it was overcast and a little rainy. We found this great park over in Hilliard, Homestead Park, and they had an awesome play area (actually 2 different areas for kids), was really clean and well maintained, and had some really nice shelter locations for picnics. The park is part of the Heritage Trail, and there is another park, Heritage Trail Park, about a mile away that has a huge dog park that we may have to come back and visit with the pups.

We are all looking forward to more Spring weekends, more time with the kiddos, and more fun exploring our city.

In case you missed it, check out some fun local products we found at the North Market.

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