Springtime at Goodale Park

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Over the weekend, to celebrate Spring, we headed over to Goodale Park to take a look at the beautiful flowers and blooming magnolia trees. It was kind of a gloomy day for the first day of Spring, but that did not stop us from taking hundreds of pictures of the pretty flowers.

 photo IMG_6479_1_zpspihdr8pn.jpg

 photo IMG_6488_1_zpsk2qrktms.jpg

Goodale Park is a public park in the Victorian Village area of Columbus Ohio. It's just north of the downtown area. The land was donated to the city back in 1851 by Lincoln Goodale and is a little over 32 acres of beautiful space. Goodale Park is known for ComFest in the Summer and there are other events throughout the year.

 photo IMG_6471_1_zps2fnqdjgx.jpg

 photo IMG_6465_1_zpsdg5z50sc.jpg

The magnolia trees were beautiful and were just starting to bloom. I told Rick he had to promise me one day when we have more land that we can have a bunch of these trees. They are my favorite!

 photo IMG_6484_1_zpsmlsmjnja.jpg

 photo IMG_6485_1_zpsfxykejag.jpg

I also love daffodils. I keep meaning to plant some of these in our garden so they will come up every Spring. Please someone remind me to do this in the Fall!!

 photo IMG_6489_1_zpshvrd0qdz.jpg

 photo IMG_6476_1_zpsyhdmknjt.jpg

 photo IMG_6492_1_zpsobxurp1f.jpg

You can see how gloomy the skies are, but better weather is to come in the upcoming weeks/months. We will definitely need to come back on a much sunnier day, but glad we could capture these early Spring days in some pretty photos.

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  1. Ahhhh! Saucer Magnolias are my FAVORITE trees as well! And daffodils are some of my favorite spring bulbs too! They're so cheerful! I just planted some in November but I'm not sure if they'll all come up as we had a milder winter than normal in Florida. When you go to buy some, try Brent and Becky's bulbs (online). That's where I ordered mine :)


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