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Monday, May 2, 2016

Happy May! May is one of my favorite months. The weather warms up, which means it's time for gardening. I LOVE flowers and plants, and spend most of the Winter thinking about what I'm going to plant the following Spring.

 photo IMG_6814_2_zpswonxhxhr.jpg

I was always told to hold off until Mother's Day to plant flowers, to ensure they weren't damaged by frost, but so far the 10 day forecast seems to have lows in the 40's and 50's, so we decided to take a chance and work on our garden this weekend.

 photo IMG_6820_1_zpspzuxznge.jpg

The romaine lettuce at the bottom is actually from last year's garden. It started to sprout back in February and we actually harvested a little of it this weekend for salads this week. Such a nice surprise after our pretty mild Winter.

We also purchased a heirloom purple tomato plant and a san marzano tomato plant, and then planted some pepper seeds as well.

 photo IMG_6821_1_zps6iqgvbe0.jpg

I also planted some herbs (actually last weekend), and can't wait to start using them in our dinner recipes. The chives in the middle actually came back from last year as well, which is why they seem to be taking over. They started to come back in March, so they have had a few months to really start growing.

 photo IMG_6824_1_zpsotqqw7zl.jpg

These are the herbs that I decided to plant this year, in addition to the chives. I'm super excited about my mint strawberry herb. I think that will be super tasty in mojitos this Summer.

 photo IMG_6829_1_zpsopcdijx7.jpg

Here is the beginning of our garden, which doesn't look like much, but just wait another month and I bet it will be growing like crazy. I love to take pictures throughout the Summer to show the progress. We typically get a lot of rain throughout May, so by the end of the month, our plants our typically growing like crazy. Let's hope we have the same success this year.

 photo IMG_6796_2_zpsqv5jl64h.jpg

While we were planting, we took a moment to check out the baby goslings in our pond. We actually followed them down the street earlier that morning on our walk with the pups. They were walking in a single file line with the mommy in the front and the daddy in the back (or so we think :) )

If you look close enough, there is a bullfrog hiding in the grass in the lower-left of this picture...can you see it?

 photo IMG_6812_1_zps2bqziv9x.jpg

I also caught these two little fuzzballs cuddling together in the grass. It was a nice sunny afternoon, so I'm sure they were enjoying the warmth, especially after a few cold and rainy days.

 photo IMG_6823_1_zpsuce9hkjc.jpg

Other creatures in our backyard are also excited for our garden. We have caught all of our pups at one point having a little salad in the herb garden.

You can find our past gardens here:


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