Weekend Recap { Alpacas and Wine + A Few Other Creatures }

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Last weekend we, along with my brother and SIL, visited the Yellow Butterfly Winery in Coshocton County, and my oh my it was an experience. Before we get to the winery, let's talk about the trip there.

 photo B5BD3586-4096-45F0-BB4A-F8953FE18FF5_zps97hyilv4.jpg

The winery was a little over an hour and a half trip, but thankfully we were driving out of the monsoon that has been hanging over Columbus for the past week. The day (for the most part) turned out to be beautiful, and there was a lot of nice scenery to take in, as shown below:

 photo 266080B2-45BA-46B0-A16B-005AA5E370F5_zpstpsma4kl.jpg

Exhibit A: We came across a random goat enjoying a little salad of grass along the side of the road. He clearly had escaped his leash, and had no cares in the world. We said Hello!, snapped a few pics, and headed on our way.

 photo C0F2506B-7846-40DC-AA04-D61EF8937410_zps3q2lnntr.jpg

Exhibit B: We then came upon a field of zebras...in the middle of nowhere...in Ohio. We were driving by and Rick casually says..."are those zebras in that field?" I had to do a double take and then of course we had to snap a pic to document this sighting. I mean who was going to believe us right??

 photo IMG_7359_1_zpstgyju0aj.jpg

We arrived at the winery and let me tell you this place was hopping. The parking lot was full of cars and we immediatly understood why. The tasting room was in this beautiful yellow barn, that had a nice big back deck with live music and amazing views.

 photo IMG_7356_1_zpsxawsuacb.jpg

Views of this little guy that is.

 photo 4D3B6F55-A1ED-42FE-9D34-1F0720C5FFB7_zpst2x4fktb.jpg

He was very interested in what I was doing, and we clearly are quickly becoming BFFs. Rick says he totally wants to be my BFF and braid my hair in this pic.

 photo IMG_7354_1_zpsyaaui2qa.jpg

Before we had any tastings, I of course had to take approx 180 pictures of these beautiful creatures.

 photo IMG_7352_1_zpslc5e1r7w.jpg

Again my BFF { 😍 }

 photo IMG_7347_1_zpse4vdaemh.jpg

And yes we attempted a little photoshoot with the alpacas.

 photo IMG_7344_1_zpsn70ibz4c.jpg

In all seriousness, how georgous is this view? We didn't get to sit on the deck and enjoy it as the rain soon followed us from Columbus, but I totally want to come back and enjoy a glass { or two } of wine and enjoy watching my favorite animals.

 photo IMG_7355_1_zps15zpl65g.jpg

Before we headed back up to taste some wine, Sarah commented it looked like the alpacas had recently been vaccumed. We expained they were likely recently shaved, but we had a fun little laugh. The kinda do look like they were vaccumed.

 photo 2957E1C6-EB0D-47E1-AD5F-424DA4F99E20_zpsdpngg6zo.jpg

Overall it was a fun time. The tastings were 3 for $1 + tax, which you cannot beat. And my tasting was free because we told them it was my birthday { which was true as it was last week }. The wine was a little too sweet for me, but I did enjoy a few of the dry red wines. Rick thought they were still a little too sweet for him, but he likes the really dry wines, and I prefer more of a semi-dry. I think most Ohio wines are a little on the sweet side, so that's to be expected.

If you are looking for a fun experience I would highly recommend Yellow Butterfly Winery. They have a fun country BBQ dinner and live music on Saturdays, but you do have to make reservations by the Thursday before. Just something to keep in mind.

After leaving Yellow Butterfly Winery, we headed over to Ravens Glenn Winery for some tastings and dinner. They had some really good wines as well and a beautiful dining room. It was dark, and too rainy, so we didn't get any pics, but trust me if you are in the area, I would recommend stopping by that one as well.

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