Coffee Talk // Volume I

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

I wanted to start a new series called Coffee Talk. I love coffee and I love catching up with friends over coffee. So this series is really just meant to recap some of the random things going on in my life, or in my head, that I might chat about with girlfriends over coffee.

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1 // Whole30

About a month back, while browsing at Costco, I came across a few Whole30 cookbooks. The Whole30 challenge has been all over social media lately, and I love cookbooks, so I figured why not get them and see what this trend is all about. In theory I love the idea and the health benefits of cutting out foods that cause inflammation. I actually suffer from IBS and was diagnosed a few years ago with SIBO, so inflammation in my gut is a serious issue I struggle with, and diet is the only way to control my symptoms.

So I would love to say how I completed the Whole30 challenge and my skin cleared up and my belly issues are now gone, but in all honestly my challenge was more of a Whole4.5. You see I only lasted about 4.5 days, and within those 4.5 days, I may have cheated twice. So you likely won't be getting a Whole30 recap post from me. But I will tell you that it has kicked started us eating healthier about 80% of the time, allowing a little splurge on the weekends or if I've had a really stressful day.

My biggest issue was major heartburn from cutting out grains. Some say that is a side effect of making a major change in your diet that goes away after time and is all part of the gut healing, but it was way too much for me to handle. So I'm sticking to quinoa and brown rice in addition to potatoes and sweet potatoes as my healthy carbs. Also sometimes a girl just needs a piece of chocolate, or a glass of wine, and last week was just not a good week to restrict these two items. To much cray for 1 little week. There are some really awesome recipes in the Whole30 cookbook, so I'm going to keep trying them, and will share some of my favorites with you all.

2 // Big Little Lies on HBO

Anyone else watch the first two episodes of Big Little Lies on HBO? I read the book over a year ago, and loved it. So I was really excited to see they were turning the book into a TV series. I was bummed when I first heard it was going to be on HBO because a few months back we got rid of all of our premium channels in an attempt to save a few bucks. But then I learned you can watch in real time on the HBO NOW app on my iPad (the first 30 days is free and then it's $14.99 a month for the subscription that you can cancel anytime). They have it for Amazon Prime members too if you have a Kindle or Droid Tablet.

I really didn't remember much from the book, other than there was a murder and the main storyline of the book was reliving past events to discover who might have done it and why. The show is set up very similar to the book where it keeps flashing between current day, where they are interviewing witness after the incident to give you a perspective of what happened, and the past where you see the events that lead up to the incident. As I have been watching the show I'm starting to remember certain parts, but I'm kind of glad that I don't remember a lot of the storyline so there is still a little mystery in this series. Let me just say that I LOVE Reese Witherspoon as Madeline Martha Mackenzie (you just have to say all 3 names when you refer to her) and Nicole Kidman as Celeste. I really don't know what will happen once they solve the mystery, but I sure hope they can find a way to keep the show going.

3 // Books

Speaking of books, I'm currently reading another Liane Moriarty book - Truly Madly Guilty. I've been having a tough time getting into this book, but I feel like sometimes her books are like that and once you get past the first 100 pages you can't put it down. I'm almost there, so I'm hoping it picks up soon.  I also have Behind Closed Doors and The Girl Before on my "To Read" list. I love mysteries, but sometimes I also just need a light hearted chick book like First Frost, another book on my list from one of my other favorite writers. I definitely want to put together a book recommendation post of some of my favorite books and authors. I'm also always looking for book recommendations, so please share what are your favorites? What should I add to my list?

4 // Workouts

I joined Orangetheory a few weeks ago and I'm kind of addicted. My favorite part is being able to track my workout with the heart-rate monitor. Your monitor links up with a screen in the middle of the room so you can track in real-time your heart-rate. The goal is for the majority of your workout to be in the 70% range, and for at least 12 minutes to be in the 85% plus range. If you succeed, you will continue to burn calories for up to 48 hours after your workout. It's like having a personal challenge to get in the "zone," but then you have the challenge of working out with other people at the same time and seeing their heart-rates on the screen to push you even further. Each week the workouts are slightly different, but they all involve the treadmill, rowing machine and strength training on the weight floor. I really like how it mixes things up, so it's always a challenge.

Right now I'm only taking classes 1x per week because they are kind of expensive. Oh and they kick my booty so much that I'm sore and can barely walk for like 4 days. I'm debating on upping my membership to 2x per week, but I wanted to see how the first month went. Anyone else try this workout yet? It really is addicting. Oh and if you are interested you can take 1 class for free to try it out before you commit.

5 // Spring Flowers

Our bulbs have started popping up in our flower bed and it's getting me excited to plant flowers and herbs in my garden. I've decided to go with a cut flower garden this year instead of a vegetable garden, primarily because we grow too many tomatoes that we are never able to eat and that take over our garden, and nothing else ever seems to grow. Plus I'm all about flower arranging these days (check out my latest arrangement on Insta), and I'm hoping that I can grow some pretties that I can turn into some nice arrangements. Definitely more updates to come. For those of you who are into gardening, what is your favorite thing to grow? Have you ever had a cut flower garden? If so, what types of flowers were the easiest to grow?

What have you been up to? Tell me something you would like to chat about over coffee? Like what's your favorite coffee? Do you like Starbucks, Tim Hortons or a Specialty Shop? What book are you reading and favorite shows are you watching? Try any crazy fad diets lately? What Spring fashion piece are you dying to get? Would love to hear from you :)

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