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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Hello stranger. It's been a long time since I've visited here. A lot has happened over the last 6 months. Some good, some bad, some I can share, some I can't. For the last few weeks I've felt drawn to open up a blog post and share something, and today is the day. The one thing I've missed most about blogging is looking back on our little family adventurers, so I'm hoping that I can get back to documenting those, even if just for myself.

 photo 436CBB45-FB33-4190-B7FF-49B67255435A_zpszl1ponp6.jpg

Like most of the country, we have been enjoying some beautiful, yet unseasonably warm weather lately. We've all gone a little stir crazy these last few months, which I'll recap in a few, so we took the opportunity to get everyone out of the house and visited Alum Creek beach. I was so nervous to let the pups run free by the lake, but they all cooperated for the most part and luckily neither of us had to jump into the lake after any pups.

 photo A6C0BFE4-57A0-4B8C-BE0A-34AE6E02C569_zpschb1kg7y.jpg

Abby throughly enjoyed drinking lake water and howling at the other dogs that were running and jumping into the lake. We jokingly refer to her as "The Sheriff" because any time another dog is having a good time, she will run up to them and start howling. Like she is saying, "stop having fun guys!" She does it to our other pups, as well as complete stranger pups at the dog park. If she is not in charge, then no pup is allowed to have fun.

 photo E3112BA0-CCDC-428C-88C3-A5D7430F86BE_zpskwakljlx.jpg

Lately we have been trying to take more adventures with the pups, especially Miss Abby. She is almost 15 years old (in May) and she has had her share of health problems these last few years. A few months ago she had a surgery to remove a growth from her side, and we believe the stress from the surgery possibly caused a stroke.

Immediately after the surgery, and for the following 2 months, she was unable to walk. In the house she would scoot on her hind end to get around, and we had to use a harness to help her walk and go potty. It was a really stressful couple of months, and we never got complete answers to what had happened, but she has quickly bounced back, has regrown strength in her hind legs and for the most part is able to walk on her own. She still has a few bad days, usually when the weather is rainy or super cold, but she also has days like this weekend where she was running all over the beach.

 photo CEEAF316-98A6-4D96-8BD3-632781429B1E_zpsm6bvv4wk.jpg

Although he looks like he is enjoying this trip to the park, this little guy was less than thrilled to be there. He has become somewhat of a hermit and doesn't like to socialize with other pups. He really doesn't like to be outside much either and prefers spending his days either snoozing in our bed on a pile of pillows, or snoozing on my lap while I watch another episode of the Real Housewives or Fixer Upper.

 photo 29375C47-6F7B-432C-B9B0-C021795F3579_zpsijpriuic.jpg

Our little man has had his share of medical issues too. He had a growth on his front leg that was growing rapidly and was causing him some discomfort. About a month ago he had it removed at OSU and we discovered it was a soft tissue sarcoma, which is basically a cancerous growth. After the surgery we had a follow up appointment with an Oncologist and she confirmed that it was a stage 2, which is considered low-risk, and they felt they had contained all the cancer cells. We will need to follow up with chest x-rays every 3 months to ensure the cancer has not spread to his lungs, and we need to monitor his little leg to re-evaulate should the growth come back, but the Oncologist felt that he should be in good shape for the remainder of his lifespan.

He is 11 years old, but I'll be honest this took me by surprise as we have had this growth removed in the past and our other vet did not believe it to be cancer. But as with the situation with Abby, it's just another reminder that we need to enjoy our time with the pups, and to try and stress a little less when they are driving us crazy because their time on this earth will always be way too short.

 photo 1D3C2725-BB57-4C2F-B76B-6CFFC2CBDD97_zps72xigzsx.jpg

And then there is Bryn. I think she had the most fun at the park. She spent the entire time socializing; she is our little social butterfly. She thought every human at the park should pet her and every dog should play with her. This is the best picture we got of her, and it's still blurry, because she would not stand still for one moment.

This little girl has had her share of issues, but mostly because she is a klutz and does something crazy to hurt herself. She has been in a cone for the last few months because she keeps licking a spot on her front leg where she had an IV over the summer. She swan-dived off the bed and hurt her neck, which landed her in the animal hospital for 4 days until they could control her pain. We are super lucky she didn't need to have surgery, or else it would have been 3 surgeries in the last 9 months for these pups. Needless to say we definitely deserve a discount...the 4th one should be free! But hopefully we are done with vet visits for at least a little while.

 photo 3FACB8AF-B20A-4C35-B5FD-7F1E016359F5_zpsyr63r2jx.jpg

But back to this beautiful weekend. The pups had a wonderful time, and we were glad everyone was somewhat healthy enough to get out of the house. We've had 2 of our 3 pups in cones lately, and I had many comments about the pups finally being cone-free when I posted the above photo on Facebook. Well almost cone-free, we still keep them in cones when we can't keep an eye on them.

 photo 72389FF8-C81E-4C56-9606-AE251EF77175_zpsezavuwaa.jpg

{ He is so happy to be leaving the park and heading home...our little hermit! }

Here's to hoping for more great weather, healthier pups, and more blog updates! Make sure to stop back soon!

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