Entry Way Update

Monday, March 6, 2017

Happy Monday! I wanted to share a fun update to our home. We are slowly making some home updates, and one of our almost finished spaces is our entry way. I shared an update back in December on Instagram on how our entry way looked all dressed up for the holiday, but I wanted to share an update of what it looks like now.

 photo 8AE6BBD9-60B6-4642-A484-ADA231418971_zpsoxeqsj08.jpg

It's pretty similar, but I switched out some of the decor on top of the shelf, and I got a new feedsack pillow the other day which looks really cute next to my cardinal pillow. The feedsack pillow I got at Feather Your Nest, a cute little home decor store in Pickerington. The cardinal pillow I got at the Celebrate Local store at Easton. Both of these stores are awesome if you are looking for a unique gift or home decor item.

 photo 31F187E5-3B4C-41D0-ACA7-2A3014751E82_zpslpttmotr.jpg

I also wanted to share the cute bench my husband made for me a few months ago. I had been wanting a little bench to fit this space, and I found a few design ideas on Instagram. I then sketched out what I was looking for, and he did all the rest. It was a total Jo Jo and Clint moment, and the result turned out perfectly!

We used this weathered hardwood board kit from Home Depot, and then we bought these 16" hairpin legs from Etsy. My husband tends to overbuild things, so an elephant could probably sit on this bench it's so sturdy. But for now, only my pillows rest here :)

 photo 888C0793-3C0D-4DA8-A660-A496F50D0C18_zpswlmajn6i.jpg

Here's a little taller view and you can see one of my favorite light fixtures in our home. We have been slowly switching out all of the light fixtures, in addition to painting everything, and it's really helping to update our home.

One of the biggest updates we are looking to make is to replace all the floors with hardwood or a type of laminate, and we are hoping to do this soon! Then we are hoping to replace our countertops and add a backsplash in our kitchen and then our home will be complete! I've got it all picked out and planned, we just need to go pull the trigger.

 photo 7DE5FA97-ECE9-4FA6-ABEF-4B2735352C1D_zpspt0ldfre.jpg

And because in the blog-world we tend to see only picture perfect home photos, I wanted to share what this space typically looks like on a daily basis. The hooks on the shelf are covered in coats, dog leashes and hats, and there are usually about 6 pairs of shoes under the bench. Just keeping it real!

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