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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

I am one of those people who gets a lot of joy out of simple pleasures. And two of my favorite simple pleasures are coffee and flowers. If I'm having a bad day, grabbing a cup of good coffee and having fresh flowers on my table, or at my desk, can really help to raise my spirits. So when I came across a new bakery Flowers and Bread, I totally had to check them out.

 photo A0AD988D-5056-46F3-B067-73B50CF99AF8_zpstfymis7b.jpg

Flowers and Bread is a unique concept because not only is it a bakery, but they also sell fresh floral arrangements, as well has have cooking classes and floral arranging classes.

Rick and I stopped by on Saturday morning around 10:30 am, and although it was busy, we were able to quickly find a table to sit and enjoy some coffee and a yummy bakery treat.

 photo 1BFDA3A8-68E3-4608-AFF4-247934085332_zpstffvag7v.jpg

I had a mocha, which was so rich and decadent because it was made with almond milk and chocolate ganache. Rick had a regular coffee with cream, and it had a really unique spicy flavor to it. We also tried the carrot cake, and Rick had the egg in a basket. His egg in a basket was covered in gravy, and it also had an interesting flavor (like thyme or sage) to the gravy that we could not identify, but we both thought was pretty yummy (and I'm not even typically a fan of gravy).

 photo 008EDAC4-A97D-4F23-9D98-858430702A37_zpsqetzki6y.jpg

I loved all of the cute floral arrangements on the tables, perfect for taking lots of Instagram pictures.

 photo B668E50B-4F62-4883-BBA6-201E155C2367_zpsypv7izbh.jpg

As I mentioned, they also sell fresh floral arrangements, and although they were a little on the pricier side, they were so beautiful that I had to pick up one.

 photo D4BC610C-2E52-4BAC-A696-1EF22F32CC70_zpsdco2ncs5.jpg

The arrangement I picked out had blush pink roses and parrot tulips, which are my favorite, but I never seem to find in arrangements.

 photo 10B453D9-A75D-442A-BECC-414AD868CB5D_zps73pkbggk.jpg

Flowers and Bread is a fun little place, and although it is not really close to our neighborhood I can definitely see this place as a fun treat every once in a while, or a fun place to meet up with a girlfriend or to take family when they are in town. I'm also really interested in trying one of the cooking classes or floral arranging classes. I'll be sure to share when I do!

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