New Babies on the Farm

Monday, April 3, 2017

Last weekend we visited Rick's family and hung out on their farm. Over the last year they have gotten various livestock, and they just got a few babies that I was super excited to get to meet.

 photo FCA9C751-8416-4F73-AE20-FBB501DF402D_zpsknmdjlvs.jpg

Although not babies, the goats are always my favorites. They are super friendly and will follow you around all over the place hoping you will either feed them, or give them neck scratches. They will nibble on you a little, but it doesn't hurt and is kind of funny. As you can see I'm wearing my goat shirt in honor of my favorite little buddies.

 photo 94FC8CC2-BAFB-41F8-AD10-954EA4DD4848_zpsncmtl69c.jpg

Here is one of babies (#socute). They got 3 baby Scottish Highlander cows. They are all between 6 and 9 months old. This one is Gwendolyn, which is the one that I got to name and she was the most photogenic of the 3 (loved getting her picture taken).

 photo 144BC78F-96E2-4207-9173-312A3543DC04_zpsfaxanzwm.jpg

The black cow is the boy and his name is Finian. The two brown cows are girls, and I'll be honest I can't remember the other girl's name (I'll update later). We chose Scottish names for all of them.

 photo 5D949BAE-18B8-4007-9684-5A023996407F_zpsdfwlfk0f.jpg

They were a little skittish, but they had just been taken away from their mother, and were now in a new place with a bunch of other animals (chickens, goats, turkeys oh my!)

 photo 9A285364-E0ED-4B6B-BAB6-059EE6AE6AAC_zpsbclg2sev.jpg

But they all allowed us to feed them later in the day, so I think they will warm up to us soon.

 photo 1FC0B019-127C-4AEF-8166-6D7F24F60D77_zpskxpunhey.jpg

The goats weren't sure what to think of them first, and they were sticking to one side and the cows on the other. Eventually they will all be good friends I'm sure.

 photo B9E07414-691F-4503-A2D1-2FF4DE81E910_zpsawb33mfl.jpg

This is Rey. He is my favorite of the 3 because he is a nubian goat (which are my favorites, love their ears!) and I got to bottle feed him when he was only 2 weeks old.

 photo 9D600DCC-33C7-41AB-AAF8-F524C7A4BB8E_zpstqmjemwl.jpg

 photo 79A1ED38-F2C1-4680-8124-0FC763FBCBBD_zpsnkqitcc1.jpg

The two white goats are females and they are super sweet too. I'm hoping they have babies in a few months because baby goats are just the cutest!!

 photo 99D04547-06ED-4337-83A7-E7EAFC3F9138_zpsvcun6sti.jpg

Rick's parents also have chickens and turkeys, and they sent us home with 8 dozen eggs! We eat a ton of eggs, so we will likely go through all of these in a month or so. Check out this ginormous egg from one of their chickens!

 photo 4A1FFE0D-5F8C-44B7-8F2A-6D7520887E08_zpscjiy5tgb.jpg

To get a better idea of size, here it is next to a regular egg from the grocery store. The egg on the left is 1.9 oz and the one on the right is 4.2 oz! All of the eggs from their farm are free range and they are so fresh and good. They have the clearest egg whites and the creamiest yolks that are bright yellow/orange.

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